written by Nkrumah Steward                               PUBLISHED ON: November 06, 2006

Ouch. Chinese government has bans leg-lengthening cosmetic surgery

Some medical procedures should be banned on the grounds that the greater good doesn’t out weigh the sheer bizarreness of the procedure.
Yeah I have a formula for that as well.
You can only have one part bizarreness for every four parts of greater good.
This is especially true for cosmetic or elective surgery because 9 times out of 10 the good that might come from it is superficial at best.
Unless you lost your breasts to cancer or they got mauled off by a dog when you were drunk one night and accidentally wondered into someone’s backyard looking for a place to piss getting a boob is not going to change your life.
I am all for fixing something that you aren’t happy with, but just as long as the procedure is worth the result.
Who is to say if it is worth it or not?
Well apparently we can’t leave it up to you to determine that for yourself. People are sick. If you have an unhealthy opinion of yourself there is no telling what you might put yourself through for a perceived end to your pain.
But often times when people don’t like themselves it goes much deeper than their breast size or their large noses.
That’s just surface. Often times the root cause of that pain goes much deeper.
The Chinese government has banned the practice of leg-lengthening cosmetic surgery as a result of a recent rash of botched up operations which left people disfigured.
How could a leg-lengthening cosmetic surgery procedure not end up botched up and with people left disfigured for the rest of their lives?
What I find surprising is that all of these operations don’t leave people disfigured. if you knew what the operation entailed you would be as surprised as I am.
In most cases, its six months before people can walk again after the surgery and most can never run again for the rest of their lives.
So, let me ask you, are you as curious as I was about how exactly someone goes about making someone taller?
Well get ready.
First they break your legs just below the knees. Insert pins. Attach a metal frame to the pins, then…
they tighten the knobs on the metal frame every month to create gaps between the broken bones so that the bones will grow to fill in the gaps, thus making you taller.
Like most people, the Chinese have caught on that the better looking you are and the taller you are the better off you tend to end up in life.
But the Chinese are supposedly eating better and have a better quality of life, so much so that even Chinese girl’s breasts are getting noticeably larger. So maybe it’s all about proper diet and not so much about archaic medieval torture devices to gain the body you want.
Maybe you just need to eat better.
And therapy. Therapy seems to help too.
All I am saying is exhaust your options before you decide to build a better you through antiquated inquisition torture devices ok?

Long legs to remain fantasy for petite Chinese, Independent, 06 November 2006
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