written by Nkrumah Steward                                    PUBLISHED ON: November 9, 2006

The Cowboy Is Humiliated. The World Rejoices

Why fire Donald Rumsfeld over Iraq? This is Dubya’s war. Dubya is the one that started it. Dubya is the one that wanted it. Donald Rumsfeld wasn’t telling Bush that we needed to go to war with Iraq.
It was coming down from Dubya only days after his inauguration. I'm at a loss as to how firing Rumsfeld going to make a difference when the moron behind all of this is still in his job?
Most of the conservatives I know don’t really care one way or another if the world has a negative opinion of the United States.
The hatred for George Bush around the world is nearly unprecedented.
His supporters couldn’t care less.
Instead of trying to figure out why we are so hated or if it is even valid or not, their reaction seems to be to thumb their noses up and relish in the jeers like a heel in a professional wrestling angle.
The more the world hates us the more they think we must be doing something right.
And they seem to take comfort in the assurance of that.
In Iraq, Iraq's health minister said that about 150,000 Iraqi have been killed by insurgents since the war started.
Killed by insurgents that didn’t exist in Iraq when Saddam was in power.
No one is saying that Saddam Hussein is a decent human being but when you get down to this level of the game, it’s about life, family, safety.
No one cares about democracy when they don’t have enough food to eat. Food, clothing, shelter. safety come first. No one really cares who provides it.
Under those parameters, by no stretch of the imagination is the Iraqi better off in 2006 than they were in 2000.
Their country is in ruins. Insurgents have made that state one of the most unsafe in the world and it is on the brink of civil war.
And now, we are talking about leaving it that way.
Those who want to stay act like it is a question of winning or losing. Never is it a question of what is best for the Iraqi people. Isn’t that who all of this was about in the first place?
Well, actually at first it was about WMD but that is kinda of a joke now. There never were WMD in Iraq. Bush knew it. The world knew it. There was no evidence of there being any either. Bush ignored all of that and went forward with it.
We have a terrible track record of being cowboys and doing what we please how we please.
Wasn’t it his father that went into Nicaragua and arrested their standing President while he was in office?
Americans can’t even imagine the audacity of China or Russia coming into the United States and arresting George Bush, putting him on trial and sentencing him to 10 years in prison in a Chinese jail.
We not only conceive of things like that. We do it. And we don’t really care what anyone thinks about it.
Even Antonia Scalia seems to get his panties all up in a bunch when any justice even refers to what the rest of the world has to say about an issue.
Like when the Supreme Court was looking into the constitutionality of killing tards, and one of the justices mentioned that we (America) are the last civilized western industrial country to execute children and tards Scalia almost busted a blood vessel in his head.
Conservatives seem to feel like we shouldn’t care what the world thinks about us and what we do. They don’t rule us. We rule ourselves. To hell with what they think we should do.
But at the same time, Conservatives, particularly neo-cons, insist on being able to tell everyone else in the world how they should be ruling themselves.
You would be hard pressed to find many countries where the US isn’t telling them exactly how we want them to be.
When president-elect Daniel Ortega won his reelection bid in Nicaragua we were warning the Nicaraguan people of the sanctions they could expect if they put him back in office.
We want our opinions “considered” but apparently, it doesn’t work both ways.
Those same neo-cons would consider it an act of war if Japan told us that they wouldn’t buy anymore of our cars if the American people elected George Bush president for a second term.
They don’t rule us! How dare they tell us what to do?
Personally, I don’t see taking into consideration how we fall on an issue relative to the rest of the world as letting them rule us by proxy. I don’t see it that way at all.
When George Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq he told the world that they are either with us or against us.
Three years into it he came back to those very same people in front of the UN and asked them to help us pay for it, insisting that it was in everyone’s interest that there is a stable Iraq in the Middle East.
Well who made it unstable? The cowboy did. If it was in the interest of everyone in the world to have a stable middle east then why did you go in a destabilize it all by yourself?
If you want to make a list of all of the assholes who are heading governments around the world the list would be longer than my arm and Dubya would be at the top of it.
As a direct result of Dubya’s policies the United States of America is facing unprecedented hatred around the world, even among are so called allies.
Why is this? Because everyone is jealous of us? Because everyone in the world is against freedom?
In Nicaragua, president-elect Daniel Ortega told thousands of cheering supporters during his victory speech that the GOP lost because "Republicans always want to be at war, and that has been rejected."
Can’t say I disagree with that statement.
Even Richard Perle has said that t the Bush administration has turned the situation in the war-ravaged Iraq into a disaster.
You'd never hear that from Fox.
This election was a rejection of George Bush and his cowboy take on the world.
Don’t get it twisted. Rumsfeld wasn’t responsible for this war. Firing him will not fix what is wrong.

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