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Albert Haynesworth, has maturity concerns…

So who is going to be the first professional athlete to get sent to prison for an act during a game?
The NHL’s Todd Bertuzzi sucker punched Steve Moore and broke bones in his neck.
Bertuzzi got 20 games for that.
No prison time.
The NHL’s Marty McSorley was convicted of assault with a weapon for slashing Vancouver's Donald Brashear in the head with his stick in February of 2000, but he didn’t do a day in jail.
So what do you have to do to get tossed in the clink?
I mean if I were 320 pounds and I stomped on a defenseless guys head with my cleats outside of a bar, a jury of my peers would be deciding if I am fit to walk the same streets that they do.
If I were a professional athlete and I did this on the field of play, I get fined half a million dollars, get five weeks off from work and I get to do press conferences about how I am not the monster that the media is portraying me as being.
Maybe I could avoid prison out here in the real world too if society could figure out a way to suspend regular everyday citizens for a few weeks and garnish their wages when they behave badly.
Maybe if we could figure out how a suspension program would work, we could cut down on the amount of people we send to prison for aggravated assault?
Sure a suspension program wouldn’t cut down on people actually trying to beat the hell out of each other, but it will send a message.
That’s the point really? Right? Isn’t that what the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA try to tell us? It sends a message?
What would really send a message is kicking people like this out of the league altogether.
Albert Haynesworth stepped on his opponents head in the middle of a game, broke open a gash above his eye. It took 30 stitches to close the seven cuts left by his cleats.
But it didn’t stop there.
Not only did the Albert Haynesworth get a 15-yard penalty for his stomping of his opponents head but the ejection, which should have been automatic, only came after he got belligerent with the referees while he argued with the referees about the penalty in the first place.
What was there to argue about? I would love to listen in on that one. What could Albert Haynesworth have possibly been arguing about?
I would love to hear what his point of view was?
One inch over and his cleat could’ve went through this guy’s temple and he could’ve died right there on the field.
Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. It didn’t. I know.
Now, the next day Albert Haynesworth can’t stop telling everyone about how remorseful he is.
It doesn’t take Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to uncover what this guy is about.
Apparently this isn’t the first time Haynesworth has “lost control”. In fact, according to ESPN.com he fell to the middle of the first round in the NFL draft because of concerns surrounding his “maturity”.
Actually doesn’t this say a lot about the NFL if a guy with his kind of “maturity” concerns only makes him drop to the middle of the first round?
Again, I’m saying how about not letting this guy into the league altogether? How about that for a new idea?
If this guy is a first round pick, imagine how fucked up some of these people are when they are taken in the seventh round?
Are teams negotiating with their agents or their parole officers?
I guess what they say is true, winning is everything.
Be a jack ass, but if you can hold a linebacker off for 3 seconds to give your quarterback the few extra seconds he needs to make all of his reads then we will take you!
Albert Haynesworth had already kicked one of his own former teammates Justin Hartwig in the face during practice.
He got into another fight with a teammate, this time it was Will Ofenheusle. Haynesworth left the facility and came back with a long pipe to beat Ofenheusle to death but the coaches talked him down.
For that attempt at aggravated assault on Ofenheusle, Haynesworth got half a game suspension.
Half a game.
HE came to work with the full intention of beating a man to death and the appropriate response to that was making him sit for 2 quarters.
Once again, if I go into work with a pipe looking for a coworker whether or not I get to go home for the day won’t be the question, neither is the fact that they won’t ask me to come back…ever.
Just in case you were wondering, Haynesworth’s violence isn’t just limited to his own teammates. He was even charged with road rage earlier this year, although the charges were later dropped, which isn’t all that uncommon of an occurrence when you are rich.
Maybe this guy does fly off the handle and then feels bad about it the next day.
Well apparently he never feels bad enough about it to change his behavior for good.
At this point that is the only thing that any of us should be concerned about.
For our sakes.

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Haynesworth sorry, but still faces trouble, nashvillecitypaper.com October 02, 2006
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