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Cigarette Companies Have Been Surreptitiously Adding More Nicotine

A report was published today by the Massachusetts Department of Health that said that tobacco companies have quietly increased the amount of nicotine in U.S. cigarettes by 10% over the past six years making it harder for people to quit and easier to get hooked.
Sneaky bastards.
The finding means that health care providers trying to help smokers quit the disgusting little habit are going to have to increase the strength of nicotine replacement therapies in order to get them to work.
Which would be nice for health care providers to know seeing that these people are being paid to help you quit.
But that is just the point isn’t it? The tobacco industry doesn’t really want you to quit smoking. Big surprise huh?
Saying that they actually want you to quit is like a pharmaceutical company saying that they actually want to see a world where no one is sick.
They can’t keep the lights on if there aren’t sick people out there.
Understand what I am saying?
I don’t care how genuine that lady sounds on those Phillip Morris commercials about clicking on Phillip Morris.com to find out more about the dangers of smoking I knew there had to be a catch.
That doesn’t even make sense. Making sure you smoke is their business. What kind of sense does it make for them to be spending money trying to build awareness that use of their products are unhealthy and in some cases out right deadly?
I know they are only doing it because of the class action lawsuits, but still. Admitting that your product kills is not something that you do without a plan B.
I guess this was plan B.
Tell them cigarettes kill. Tell them how to quit but don’t tell them that you’ve added more nicotine to the cigarettes so if they thought it was hard to quit before then they can forget about it now.
And in case you were wondering if it makes a difference what kind of cigarettes you smoke, it really doesn’t. According to the report all brands tested in 1998 and 2004, increased the amount of nicotine they used and there as was no significant difference in the total nicotine content between "full flavor," "medium," "light," or "ultra-light" cigarettes.
Now if crack dealers were found to be putting more of whatever it is in crack that makes it so addictive in their junk to get people hooked faster and make it harder to quit conservatives would be calling them evil.
And I would be right along side them. But this is just as evil.
And I know all of you pro-business types are saying that this is just good business but I have to disagree.
I can’t stand it when I hear people justifying almost anything someone does as being appropriate as long as someone is willing to pay for it.
And for the record I also know that it’s not the President’s job to stop you from smoking either.

U.S. report: More nicotine in cigarettes, Associated Press, August 29, 2006
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