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Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter is dead

Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter is dead.
He was killed when a stingray pierced his heart while he was filming a segment called “Ocean’s Deadliest”.
If that had been me, I would’ve been filming the Ocean’s cutest and most harmless.
Steve was always on my dead pool list.
If you’re familiar with who Steve Irwin is and what he is famous for, then you know that this was the only way that he could’ve died.
I mean, sure he could’ve died from any number of things, but this was the only way he could’ve died and been fair about it.
This man was famous for fucking with dangerous animals.
There isn’t a picture in existence of Steve Irwin holding a cute little puppy. That just wasn’t what he was into.
If it didn’t change colors and spit acid when it was agitated then it probably couldn't keep his attention.
If he didn’t eventually get killed by one of these animals he was known for messing with, one way or another, that would’ve sent the world a terrible message.
It would’ve been sending a message to everyone that it is Ok to walk up to Silverback Gorillas and say hello when you see them.
That is not Ok.
Although his death is tragic, this actually sets the universe back in balance.
This reinforces a natural law that Steve spent his life trying to break. Steve wanted to show the world that if you were a really nice Australian with a really thick accent then animals that normally won’t let another species within 2 feet of it would make an exception for you.
Now we know that isn’t the case. Nature is exactly as we suspected it was the whole time, dangerous.
Watching Steve Irwin do the things that he did on his show use to piss me off.
Not that I wished death upon the guy.
He seemed like a nice enough guy. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that it stressed me out watching him handle the world’s most deadliest snakes with his bare hands or feeding man-eating alligators with raw meat in one and his infant son in the other. Steve Irwin would jump out of a moving jeep, run though waist high grass, then go splashing into knee deep water and pull out the deadliest snake in sub-Saharan Africa with his bare hands.
I saw him do it.
You can’t live like that and die at the ripe old age of let’s say 86.
What does God say to the people when they come up to him in heaven and ask why when they were out in the backyard watering their garden, just minding their own business they were mauled to death by a raccoon and Steve Irwin gets away with giving grizzly bears noogies?
God’s reputation was on the line here.
Forget why does evil exist, or why do bad things happen to good people. God needed to answer the Steve Irwin question.
Steve Irwin was tempting death with every single episode of the crocodile hunter he filmed.
I know people who have been chased around their houses by feral cats.
Wild life is wild for a reason. Every animal that can be domesticated has been. The rest of the animals in the world are to be left alone as far as I am concerned.
And I haven’t read all of the details yet, but apparently he was fucking with a stingray when the stingray's barb went up and into his chest and put a hole into his heart.
If he was anything like the guy that was on his show he probably went way out of his way to swim over to it just to say hello.
They say that Stingray’s only do stuff like that when they feel threatened for their lives.
Rarely are their stings fatal.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard called Steve Irwin’s death “sudden, untimely and freakish.”
Like I said, if I died like that it would be freakish.
Irwin was only 44, so yeah, it was untimely, but it wasn’t surprising, and for a guy that was famous for leaping on the backs of wild crocodiles, it was also inevitable.

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