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Is combating Poverty part of government’s responsibility?

Here is a word of advice, never take things for granted. Never assume that some things are just a given. This is especially true of the role of government in our lives.
Some people think that it’s the job of the government to take care of us. Others think that it’s the job of the government to stay out our way as much as possible.
Some people think that its our job to serve our government and others think that its our governments job to serve us.
Dont make the same mistake I did and just assume that everyone is on the same page on this one. We aren't.
The other day I was talking to a Bush cheerleader at work about how the number of Americans living in poverty has increased every single year that Bush has been in office except this past year when, breaking a trend, the numbers stayed the same as the previous year.
The last year that the number of Americans living in poverty actually declined was the last year that Clinton was in office.
Bush supporters hate to hear comparisons like that.
I don’t blame them. If Bush was my guy I would hate him being compared to someone that was more popular during his scandals then Bush seems to be through 90% of his presidency.
The only time Bush has ever seemed to enjoy any sense of popularity was right after the World Trade Center had collapsed.
By the time the dust settled no one could stomach him again.
Well I won’t say no one. No need to exaggerate. At least 6 out of 10 of us.
THere are still those who think that he is doing a faboulous job...helping hurricane Katrina victims, taking the fight to the terrorists and helping grow the economy.
Predictably this guy at my job began to go on about how Clinton didn’t do anything when he was in office, if you listen to Bush supporters they wont deny all the good things that happened during Clintons 8 years in office, they just insist that Clinton didn’t have anything to do with it. He was just in the right place at the right time.
Clinton didn’t create policy. Clinton didn’t enforce laws. Clinton didn’t have an agenda. Clinton got blow jobs, smoke cigars and ate too much.
Clinton also managed to win reelection over Bob Dole in one of the largest landslide victories in American history.
That is in stark contrast to Bush winning with 51% of the vote on top of refusing to count ballots in districts he probably didn’t win, and my personal favorite, the 11th hour emergency Supreme Court session that put him in office in the first place.
What really got to me was the look on this guys face as I started asking about why more and more Americans are living under the poverty line.
He didn’t care. He honestly didn’t give a damn. All he could say was that, “It’s not Bush’s job to fight poverty. He can’t get you up in the morning to go to work. It isn’t his job to get you a job, that is your responsibility.”
Ah, the lift yourself up from your bootstraps cop out.
I don’t know anyone that thinks it’s the job of the president of the United States to be anyone’s personal alarm clock and wake them up in the morning to get their ass to work, however, I do think that people believe it is totally part of the presidents job to make sure that the United states is in a position where it is profitable for jobs to be created here so that Americans can actually go to work. You don’t have to find me a job, that is my responsibility, but it is his responsibility to make sure that there are job to be found. I believe that absolutely.
To this guy, it is no more Bush’s job to combat poverty in America as it would be his job to try to prevent tornados or hurricanes.
That is, until he loses his job.

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