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Katie Couric’s Photoshop Diet

Adobe Photoshop is a scary thing.
Adobe Photoshop, like Velcro, I honestly believe were given to us by a vastly superior extraterrestrial civilization.
The latest proof of this is a photo of Katie Couric that was digitally altered by the editors at Watch! a CBS promotional magazine to make her look about 20 pounds thinner.
If they hadn’t placed the new photo next to the original photo I would never had suspected it had even been touched up.
Her dress isn’t even the same color. Maybe I am just simple, but if I would’ve seen this photograph on two separate days I would’ve assumed that they were taken on two separate occasions.
I don’t know if CBS was trying to send her a message or what, but she seems to be taking everything with a bit of humor.
"I liked the first picture better because there's more of me to love," responded Couric to the Daily News when asked about the touched up image.
See, something like this would’ve bothered me. Personally, if I saw myself on the cover of a magazine and I was 4 shades lighter and I had my lips thinned and my eyes widened, especially if it was my own company that did this, I would be a bit concerned.
Like, what are you trying to say?
I dont think that is being insecure.
Gil Schwartz, of CBS explained the doctored image was the work of a CBS photo department employee who got "a little zealous."
Ok, so if he would’ve only shaved off 10 pounds instead of 20 it would’ve been acceptable?
Is it just understood in entertainment that everything that gets to the public is going to be digitally touched up in some way or how?
This is the second time today that I have been asking myself what is real and what isn’t?
I came across a word on word spy today, wikiality n. Reality as defined by a consensus, particularly in a collaborative endeavor such as Wikipedia. I guess it was used in the context of someone pissed off that Pluto ceased to be a planet anymore by a show of hands.
We all know that reality television is bullshit. Yeah they filmed it, but the story, characters and personalities are all created in the editing room by producers who are deciding what to show and what not to show based on entertainment value not reality.
Reality might be boring. In fact, it is 90% of the time.
A reality show that is boring 90% of the time is a cancelled reality television program.
Now if you take a second to ponder just the response that everyone at CBS had to this photo being released, it wasn’t that the photo was touched up but rather that the photo department got a little too zealous with it.
It’s this sort of thing that really makes you wonder about what kind of things we are capable of doing with media to get us to believe whatever people want us to believe.
The fact of the matter is that people believe what they see more than any other sense other than smell.
People question what they hear all the time.
Rarely do people question what they see with their own two eyes. Yet, with advances in special effects in movies, and obviously the kind of things that even some no named intern can do nowadays with Adobe Photoshop, can we really believe what we are even looking at?
Imagine if we had the technology to alter images and film like we do today back in the 1930s and 40s. We could’ve defeated Adolph Hitler with a single film of Franklin Delano Roosevelt riding a T-Rex with a legion of flying saucers hovering above him with American flags on them.
How would Hitler have been able to tell the difference?
Could he have afforded not to believe what he was seeing?
Hell, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference today and I know what they can do with special effects.
I read this article about how they can take 60 seconds of your recorded voice now and make a sound byte of you saying anything they want you to say with audio technology.
Let’s just give up now.

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Couric sheds 20 pounds in doctored publicity photo, Reuters, AUGUST 30, 2006
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