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Those who insist that the biblical account of how the world came to being should be taken quite literally. Known for supposing with a straight face, that there is indisputable scientific evidence that mankind came into being from a mound of dirt that got up and walked around after God blow life up its nostrils.

One who has the ability to unmistakably see future events clear enough to tell us about them but never dates, times, places, names or faces until after the fact.

Throughout history these have been the messengers of jealous, vengeful, egomaniacal omnipotent beings who have taken such an interest in human affairs that they feel obliged to remind us, through the use of prophets, how fortunate we are to have them around by making us suffer rambling, tortuous speeches filled with threats and ultimatums about what happens to people who don’t get with the program.

President of the United States
aka The leader of the free world.
The American public elected this jerk on the hope that he would do the least amount of irreparable harm to the union out of the two or three jerks they had to choose from. Frighteningly, many Americans came to this conclusion based nothing more judicious than whether he looked presidential or whether he ever smoked weed while in college.

The eventuality of two consenting adults giving into their animalistic urge to exploit each others bodies for sexual indulgence. some insist that if more complex emotions like love, intimacy and mutual respect are involved, it makes the act all the more meaningful, but this theory is rarely substantiated, for love, intimacy, respect and other like feelings are not necessary to satisfy animalistic compulsions, so in consequence, are understandably seldom sought.

any woman that rejects my invitation for sex in favor of having sex with someone else.

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same difference

Bill Clinton Global Initiative Project Collect 1.2 Billion
If Bush cares so much about the welfare and freedom of the Iraqi people let’s see if he takes one step into that place once he is out of office to see how all of his hard work has been making out.

True Creationism makes intelligent design actually seem intelligent
I see no conflict whatsoever with someone having a master’s degree in business administration and believing that Adam and Eve had a pet Velociraptor named Whisky