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Africans in UK still practicing human sacrifice

When in Rome…
I love that cliché. It pretty much says it all.
We have a more modern cliché that basically says the same thing, “you can take the girl out of the (blank) but you can take the (blank) out of the girl.”
You can substitute girl for boy if you’d like. It still works.
For example, “you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl.”
See I have this thing with women. I have to be able to take you places. You can’t be so closed-minded that you only know one way of doing things.
I can’t be on pins and needles every time I turn around that you are going to open your mouth and say something ignorant.
You have to be able to do as the Roman’s do when in Rome.
I am starting to realize that too many people out there don’t have this skill.
Whether they are in Rome or not, they just bring wherever they come from with them.
There is this man who is the father of a student that my friend teaches at her middle school that came up to the Detroit area from Kentucky for work.
On his truck is a confederate flag attached to the truck bed that blows in the wind when he drives. And on his bumper there is a sticker that reads, “the only good nigger is a dead nigger”.
Ok, that is fine for the hills of Kentucky, I would imagine, but that might be a little inappropriate here in Detroit.
I am actually surprised that he is still alive.
Some people applaud that as “keeping it real”. I don’t see that as keeping it real. I see that as being unable to adapt.
Well if you’re not willing to adapt then what you are saying is that there is only one place that you can be comfortable.
There is only one place that you ought to be.
Well the BBC is reporting that African children are actually being trafficked into the UK from Africa, specifically to be used in human sacrifices by Africans that can’t leave their backwards ass customs at home.
"A few weeks ago the Metropolitan Police put out a number of 300 black children missing from schools. There's no evidence that any of these children have been traced.
Therefore perhaps there's something terrible happening out there which we are not aware of."
A small but apparently very active part of the African community in the UK desperately seek out churches where there are witches that are willing to cast spells for them.
Many of these spells, apparently require “a sacrifice of a male child unblemished by circumcision according to a Metropolitan Police report.
Hence we have the classic supply and demand paradigmatic.
Although police say that there has been a lot of effort put into creating an open dialog between the UK police and the Asian and African communities in the UK, there is also a lot of distrust between these groups and the police which keeps a lot of this stuff hidden from the authorities.
Africans in particular are afraid to talk to police out of fear, a wall of silence if you will, because of the fear that if it ever got back to these witches who narced on them, something might happen to them.
This is totally understandable, considering.
The other reason they give is that many of these Africans feel like they would be betraying their community by telling the police about this stuff.
In this case, what would be wrong with that?
I don’t know why it seems like this but Africans seem to have the lowest respect for human life than anyone else in the world.
White people might have little respect for other people’s lives, but they pretty much hold their own lives in pretty high regard.
Africans kill, mutilate and eat each other like its nothing. Selling 2/3rds of everyone on the continent into slavery must’ve just been another day another dollar to them.
"The most gruesome details come from the African communities," said Angus Stickler a reporter for the BBC Radio 4's Today program that ran a story on the subject of faith crimes.
I’m not surprised.

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Boys 'used for human sacrifice', BBC NEWS, June, 16 2005
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