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China Police Seem To Think That Stripping At Funerals Inappropriate

In rural China people hold the belief that the more people that attend a funeral the more the dead person is honored.
I figure that, generally speaking, if you live a decent life and treat people with respect, you don’t have any problems with people coming to pay you respects when you kick the bucket.
However, if you chose a different path in life, and you weren’t so loveable, apparently there are still other options available to get you the honor you don’t deserve.
People in China are actually hiring strippers, as in girls that take their clothes off for money to perform at funerals to get more people to show up.
Isn’t this defeating the purpose?
I mean how much honor is Woo Fang getting in death if 90% of the people at his funeral leave as soon as the strippers quit dancing and the music stops?
One wealthy family actually hired two troupes of performers to attract a crowd of two hundred people.
Like I said, is this the point?
At some point in time, some wise Chinaman made the comment in passing that the life of a man is weighed in how many people bother to pay their respects when he dies or something to the sort.
And people took that and did what they always do. They found a loop hole.
Why don’t they just give money away at these things? I am sure that will attract a few people.
The point is that people pay their respects to the deceased not to just show up for cake and booty.
And if you ask me, that does say a lot about someone when you have to rent a fucking circus tent full of freaks and wild animals get people to bother to say their respects to them.
To me that is saying that whoever is in that box wasn’t about shit.
How many fire breathers and lion tamers do you think Mahatma Gandhi’s family and friends had to hire to get people to pay him respect after he was blown to pieces?
Hell some of the biggest funerals New York City has ever seen have been for fallen mobsters.
Those are people of character for ya.
Half of the people that show up for those are only there to ask who they make out the check for their extortion dues to now that the big man is dead.
No, I really think the police are on to something here by cracking down on this sort of thing.
A funeral is one thing. Asking Bono to come in a play a few numbers just to get the head count up is a bit pathetic.

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Police crack down on striptease funerals... Reuters, Wed Aug 23, 2006
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