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Average age of a prostitute in Phoenix, Arizona is 13

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I have always wanted to know how someone manages to pimp somebody.
I obviously don’t care enough to actually try it, but nevertheless the idea fascinates me.
Not so much that people do it, but how you find someone whack enough to be pimped.
How do you get someone to agree to the terms that they will do all the work, and you will get all the money?
To keep enslaved Africans in line the overseers had to use whips, the threat of beatings, vicious dogs, coercion, assault by unnatural means like pouring salt into open wounds, crucifying people to the side of barns, hot branding irons and even cutting off hands and feet in some extreme cases.
Pimps on the other hand, seem to accomplish basically the same feat with a soft voice, a purple velvet suit and a swift backhand.
The average age of a child prostitute in Phoenix Arizona is 13.
Pimps are finding these girls and boys in shopping malls, and online and then they pimp them to adults who are looking for children to bone.
According to the article I read this is how they do it.
”In recruiting child prostitutes, pimps often appeal to a young person's vanity,” said Sgt. Chris Bray Phoenix Police Department's vice enforcement unit. “Some recruit in area malls. Bray explained a technique one pimp used: Approach three girls in a mall. Don't talk to the prettiest because she is used to attention. Don't speak with the least pretty because she will be suspicious. Instead, narrow in on the one who looks average, the one who wants the attention. Tell her she is pretty. Model pretty. Children who prove vulnerable to such flattery often fall victim to a "gradual breakdown of moral inhibitors," Bray said. They pose in photographs of a sexual nature, they have sex online and they eventually have sex with clients for money. “
Now I would like to believe that these tactics only work because the kid is 13. They don’t have enough life experience to know any better.
But I am not sure that pimps rewrote the book for children. Something tells me that the same basic principles you need to know to find a prostitute that is over 18 is the same if she is 12.
You need to find idiots.
You need to find people with issues.
You need to be able to look right through the physical appearance of someone and look right into their souls.
See I was the kind of kid that would look at a girl, and if she was beautiful I would assume all kinds of stuff, like that she already had a boyfriend or that she already had a date for Saturday night.
See I am not a pimp.
Pimps don’t let things like that even factor in their appraisal. They know that self-esteem and physical attractiveness do not necessarily have any interrelation with one another.
I didn’t know that. I figured how could you not feel good about yourself if you look like J-Lo?
That is why when I discovered that there were actually attractive women in pornography it fucked my head up.
I would see some of those women and say to myself, what the hell are you doing porn for? You are beautiful. You don’t have to do porn.
Once again, I was blinded by the surface. I am not a pimp. I don’t know how to look deeper into a woman and see if she is fucked up or not.
Some people walk around with words on their foreheads that other people can read. Like the word “victim”, “easy” or “slow”.
Pimps look at physical attractiveness in relation to confidence. That is the difference. The girl that looks like she is confident in herself also often times appears more attractive than the girl that doesn’t have confidence in herself.
They tune into deeper shit.
While I am stuck on the size of her breasts they already know just by watching how she walks and carries on with her girlfriends if she will let a few guys run a train on her even if she doesn’t even know what running a train is yet.
They make these girls feel good about themselves and they eat it up.
Show me a pimp that backhands a girl the first time he meets and I will show you a starving pimp.
But my problem with this whole thing isn’t just with the pimps turning out 13 year olds but the fact that there are guys out there looking to bone 13 year olds.
If there is another thing about a pimp that you can bet on it’s that if there is no demand he isn’t interested.
Pimps aren’t into marketing. They aren’t trying to create brands and interests in thing where there isn’t already any.
If there wasn’t money to be made pimping 13 year olds then he wouldn’t be doing it.

Average age of child prostitute in Phoenix is 13, azcentral.com, Aug. 17, 2006
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