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6 Year Old Hospitalizes Teacher’s Aide

If you allow a 6 year old to beat you up, you have no business working with children in any capacity.
A teacher’s aide in was beaten up so bad that she had to be hospitalized when a 6 year old who was upset over an argument over an MP3 player beat her down.
There is no excuse for this.
However, leave it up to the teacher’s union to give us one.
Yvonne Lyons of the Classroom Teacher's Association says, "I think always in the very back of a teacher's mind is: Am I going to be accused of something if I grab this kid or push this kid, could I have child abuse charges hanging over my head."
If a cop is not going to shoot his gun out of fear of a wrongful death lawsuit then he ought not be a cop.
If a teacher is going to let herself get beat down by a first grader because she is afraid of child abuse charges then he or she needs to really find something else to do too.
If your old enough to hit an adult then you’re old enough to get hit back.
"He head-butted her, he kicked her. This was all in the mouth area, so she did sustain some serious injuries to the mouth. He threw some obscenities at her. I believe he also said he was threatening to kill her," says Doug Tobin of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.
Now I am sure that the same thing could’ve happened to me too. This kid could’ve caught me off guard and head-butted me and maybe even got in a kick, but then that would’ve been the last thing he did before he lost consciousness.
I can take any 6 year old on the planet earth and I can say that with total confidence.
I am sure there are 12 year olds that might give me a run for my money but I can take any child on this planet retarded or otherwise younger than 10 without issue.
I saw that 13-year-old kid out of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, stands 6-foot-8 and weighs 256 pounds.
That is why I said I could take any 10 year old without issue.
Police say they have no plans to charge this first grader with any kind of a crime.
What they contend is that he needs counseling.

6-year old beats up teacher's aide in Pasco County, ABC Action News, August 18, 2006
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