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Mexicans Take Back Texas

Every since the Texas Revolution in 1836, when Texas won its independence from Mexico after defeating Santa Anna and the Mexican army, Mexicans have never recognized the loss or independence of the Texas. In fact, they actually declared their full intention to recapture it the same way they lost it, by just moving in.
The way that the US got Texas in the first place was started by Americans illegally immigrating into Texas by the truck loads just like Mexicans have been doing to us for the last 100 years.
In 1830 it was the Mexicans not the Americans who were alarmed by the wanton disregard for the border between the US and Mexico.
Americans were just walking across the border into Mexico and just setting up shop with like they owned the place.
America wanted Texas and if Mexico wouldn’t let us buy it from them, we were going to move in and just act like we had always been there.
To slow down the illegal immigration into Texas, Mexico did what always seems to work against us, they taxed the shit out of every American living there.
Americans have a well documented history of not wanting to pay taxes. Actually isn’t that how this country got started in the first place?
Well Mexico's plan worked, but only worked for a little while.
Eventually Americans quit paying them and all hell broke loose.
According to the Census Bureau, Texas has become the newest state to become a majority-minority state in America.
Minorities make up 50.2% of the population of Texas.
Translation: Texas now joins New Mexico and California to be officially overrun by Mexicans.
Personally I think their plan was genius.
Mexico won back Texas without firing a single bullet from a single gun.
Patiently and methodically Mexicans just walked across the border like we did over 100 years ago and moved themselves in.
Eveyday. All day.
Now technically, to get the minority numbers up that 50.2%, Mexicans needed a little help from everyone else, but let’s be honest, there isn’t really anybody else.
There is no way that you could be alive in Texas and not have noticed that there is a hell of a lot of Mexicans everywhere.
I don’t live in Texas, but I have to figure that the only reason this story would be news in Texas is because Texans thought that Mexicans already were the majority.
This is what I would imagine a conversation between two Texans making small talk with each other while they are waiting in line at the bank would go like.
”Hey did you know that Mexicans are the majority in Texas now?”
Who didn’t know that?
”Yeah but did you know that they just became the majority like last Tuesday?”
But what this means for the bigot population of the country no doubt is a chance to rally up the troops to go down into Texas to do some heavy recruiting.
According to the NAACP there are no less than 30 different hate groups already in Texas including 10 chapters of the Klu Klux Klan.
To coin a phrase from Batman...its time to go to work .
You know, stir up the pot about how property values are going to go down now that Texas is a majority-minority state, how the educational system is going to go to shit. How everyone is going to be speaking Spanish and trying to make it the official language soon. How it used to be safe to walk the streets before all the minorities showed up to get their welfare and have all their illegitimate children out of wedlock.
Isn’t that the general consensus, that the whiter your state is the safer it is, the cleaner it is, the wealthier it is, the more educated it is?
What the Klan probably won’t tell you is that some of the whitest states in the Union, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia are also the three states leading the country in tooth loss, so go figure.
You don’t get something for nothing I guess. If you want safer cleaner streets and better schools you’ve got to be willing to give up your chicklets.
But to be honest with you I think it’s a little too late for Texas. I feel like I am in Mexico as soon as I cross the Oklahoma border.
Next on the list to fall: Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi and New York.

Texas now a majority-minority state, Austin Business Journal, August 11, 2005
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