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Well At Least They Used Their Powers For Good

My father’s cousin did one of those DNA genealogy tests that can determine what nationality your people are.
EVeryone else in America knows that their people are from England, Mexico, France and what not. Black people are from Africa. Period.
That's it. That tells me about as much as pointing east and saying "over there."
Africa is a continenet and rather large one at that.
I don't blame people for wanting to narrow it down a little.
Well the results of this test showed that my father’s side of the family are from Mozambique.
Which is actually kinda interesting because my mother’s side of the family is actually from Madagascar which is right across the water.
Well when my father found out that his side of the family was from Mozambique he immediately started planning a trip for all of us to “get acquainted with our people”.
Yeah right.
That’s when I suggested to my father that he get acquainted with one of my favorite internet destinations, the U.S. State Department website.
Overland travel after dark is extremely dangerous due to poor road conditions, lack of emergency services, and the increased potential for vehicle hijacking. Visitors should be particularly vigilant when driving on the main thoroughfares connecting Mozambique and South Africa as incidents of vehicle theft, including assault and robbery, have been reported. Official Americans serving in Mozambique are prohibited from overland travel outside Maputo city limits after dark and are encouraged to travel in convoys of two or more vehicles when outside of the city during daylight hours. Accidents involving pedestrians are increasingly common, and some reports suggest pedestrians purposely throw themselves in front of vehicles driven by foreigners in order to extort reparation payment. Due to residual landmines, overland travelers are advised to remain on well-traveled roads or seek local information before going off-road outside of Maputo and other provincial capitals. - Accurate to August 18 2006
I will be glad go touch basis with people I haven’t seen in 500 years as soon as I can get from here to there in broad daylight without needing a convoy of 2 to 3 vehicles packed with armed bodyguards to get there.
I am not going to be such a snob and say that until its safe for me to travel at night I won’t go visit, because let’s just be honest, I travel places around here that aren’t the safest places to be at night.
But if I were in Mozambique, it sounds like it would be in my best interest that once I started up my vehicle not to stop for any reason whatsoever until I reached my destination.
And as for people tossing themselves under my car in order to try to extort me out of some sort of compensation... well, good luck with that. As far I am concerned that is the fastest way I can think of to turning yourself into a speed bump.
But that isn’t the only reason I am not joining my father on his trip back to Mozambique.
The other reasons I am concerned you will not find on the state departments website.
Apparently, a husband and wife are being charged with multiple counts of eating human flesh in order to become more powerful witches.
Most of their clients came to them for spells to heal various aliments and diseases.
I guess if there is a positive side to all of this, it would be that at least they used their powers for good.
See in the Gorongosa district in Mozambique, belief in witchcraft is practically unchallengeable. And I am sure that in rural Mozambique the belief in witchcraft isn’t restricted to just there.
People in Mozambique who profess to be able to cast spells to better your life make good money. Well relatively speaking. This is Mozambique we are talking about.
I guess the reason why African magic is so disturbing to me is because it is so much different than the magic I am use to.
I am use to the Tolkien brand of Magic. Dungeons and Dragons magic. Magic wands, long white beards and tall pointy hats magic. That is what I am familiar with.
Somehow I can’t see Merlin taking a bite out of a human foot to ensure that he has enough energy to casts a spell to allow Uther Pendragon to pass himself off as Duke Gorlois of Cornwall to Gorlois's wife Igraine so Uther could knock boots.
Cannibalism is the kind of stuff horror movies are made of.
But Africans have a long standing tradition of believing that eating people will give you powers.
It’s embarrassing I know, but what are you going to do?
Apparently Neva Mafunga, the husband told people that he had been eating human flesh for more than 20 years and he had even got his wife Nhanvura Faera to eat human flesh too by asking her to.
That must be what love is all about. There is no way that I would eat a person to show them how much I loved them.
Then again, in Mozambique maybe that just comes with the job.
So dad, good luck with that.

'Cannibals' confess in Mozambique, BBC, August 17, 2006
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