RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward

US Companies Support Censorship For A Buck

In exchange for the opportunity to make money selling crap to 110 million Chinese Internet users several US companies, Microsoft, Google and Cisco conspired with China to help them censor people within their countries that are critical of the ruling Communist Party.
Yahoo gave the Chinese government information that helped jail two Chinese Yahoo e-mail users.
Google started a Chinese version of its search engine but agreed to removed links that the government didn’t like.
Microsoft shut down, popular Chinese blog, that advocated freedom of the press at the request of the Chinese government.
In other words, these American companies will help other countries step on the cornerstone of what our country supposedly has been built upon, in order to get a chance to sell product to 100 million Chinese.
We will send our sons off to die to spread freedom and democracy all around the world wherever tyranny and a shit load of gasoline exists, but if there is a buck to be made and tyranny needs a software package to make people easier to oppress then we are right on it.
Now what is wrong with that picture?
Unless of course we can all come to accept that the only real American value that has ever been there consistency has been the right to make a buck.
People don’t immigrate to America to be free, they come to American to be free to make a buck.
Why do you think there are so many Mexicans here in the United States, because we have better weather on this side of the Rio Grande?
You could give people all the civil liberties in the world, but tax the shit out of them and they would rather move to a country where their information is filtered but they have more money in their pockets.
That is what I have always suspected but I’ve never had proof. Americans in general don’t even believe in the rights granted by our constitution. Not all of them and not under all circumstances.
That is why so many Americans think the ACLU are a bunch of quacks. Because the ACLU is so adamant about protecting constitutional rights, we think they are nuts.
Why are they defending the rights of the KKK to burn a cross?
Because they are Americans and we have the right to freedom of speech and that is part of their right to express themselves.
Why are they defending people who burn the American flag?
Please re-read two lines above this one.
When Americans are doing stuff that we don’t personally approve of we couldn’t careless if their rights are trampled on.
I have always said that the US constitution and Bill of Rights is too advanced of a concept for most human beings, including Americans.
It’s too difficult at the core for many Americans to understand extending the same rights that they enjoy to people that they either think are below them or live lifestyles that they personally don’t approve of.
How many Arab-Americans are sitting in Gitmo right now, uncharged, sitting indefinitely waiting on someone to tell them what they are there for?
When they hear that Russia is doing stuff like this they believe it. When Saddam is doing it they believe it, but when you suggest that Americans are doing that to their own people then you are a dissonant and need to be made an example of.
Sound familiar?
When the average American says that American soldiers are over seas somewhere “fighting for our freedom” and “spreading democracy”, they aren’t thinking that they are out there shooting people to protect our right to privacy or freedom of press.
They think they are out there fighting to protect our way of life and that is our right to make a buck.
Microsoft, Google and Cisco are in business to make money not to spread American liberal philosophy.
If Mumm-Ra wanted software to help him keep track of all of his various incarnations, Microsoft would write him some.

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