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27,000 Years Later, Woolly Mammoths May Again Roam The Earth

This is funny to me. Everyone use to say that the premise to Jurassic Park was bullshit because you can’t get DNA from a million year old mosquito perfectly preserved in petrified tree sap and build Dinosaurs from it.
For some reason that wouldn’t work.
Not being a scientist, I am not sure why it wouldn’t work, but I am in no position to question them.
But for the record, let me just say that it sounds like it should work to me.
I never got that far in college biology to say one way or the other, but whenever I use the term “perfectly preserved” in every other context, perfectly persevered means that everything should work.
Ok, moving on.
Now I am reading that scientists who apparently never saw Jurassic Park are saying that it might be possible to bring back the Woolly Mammoth, a long extinct species of elephant/buffalo like creatures that roamed the earth during the last ice age because supposedly they can grab the sperm of out dead woolly mammoths that have been frozen in permafrost for the past few thousands of years and still use it. Sperm, as they have recently discovered, can survive being frozen much longer than previously thought.
So where DNA failed, sperm can succeed?
So if mosquitoes instead of sucking blood, sucked cock, and therefore had sperm in their pouches instead of blood, then Jurassic Park would’ve been scientifically feasible?
Amazing isn’t it?
What I don’t understand is why sperm doesn’t freeze to death when I do.
If I were trapped in a block of ice you couldn’t just thaw me out after 5,000 years and I would start wiggling around on the table, but apparently my sperm would.
Sperm seem like the biological equivalent to the little black boxes that they put on every commercial airplane flight.
Those little boxes that survive every plane crash regardless of the circumstances.
Even Ötzi iceman, that poor guy that they found frozen in a glacier that was perfectly preserved from when he lived back in 3300 BC, even he had sperm that worked.
I remember reading articles about women that wanted to apply to have his 5,000 year old Neanderthal baby.
Why can’t they make airplanes out of the same stuff that they make those little black boxes out of and why aren’t we made out of the same shit that sperm is made of?
Or is it that sperm are just too stupid to die? That says a lot about being focused on one goal. All a sperm wants to do is swim to an egg. That’s it. It doesn’t have anything else in his head to complicate that objective. It doesn’t care if it tramples the sperm in front of him or smacks the shit out of the sperm behind him with his tail. He isn’t worried about fairness.
For the past 5,000 years Ötzi’s sperm have been frozen in his balls patiently waiting to get their shot at an egg. Completely unaware that they haven’t moved an inch in over 5,000 years they just stare up at the vascular tube waiting on their chance to get expelled into the holiest of holies and swim towards the light.
So is that what kills us.
The fact that we have too many things on our minds?
If you focus your mind on one thing apparently, you can even cheat death.

Mammoths may roam again after 27,000 years, Timesonline, August 15, 2006
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