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Who Hasn’t Had Sex In Public?

Who hasn’t had sex in public?
I don’t think I am alone in this. I know I have. Many times. In fact, I have had sex in public more times than I can count.
Now I guess there is a debate going on whether or not people like me should have to register as sex offenders.
To me, and hopefully I am not just saying this because I have done this, but to me, I think this is an example of people stretching a law so that they can enforce it in ways that it was never intended.
In my opinion, this is no different than those people who were getting prosecuted for having WMD when they got caught with pipe bombs trying to blow up mail boxes or being charged with having “chemical weapons” when they get caught cooking up their junk in a methamphetamine lab.
The only human being on this earth that would call a pipe bomb a weapon of mass destruction would be a federal prosecutor.
I don’t know where they build these people but I know they aren’t born, a prosecutor is made.
Everyone I know that is born has some common sense and shame.
We didn’t send 150,000 American troops into Iraq to shut down Saddam’s Meth labs.
Aren’t sex offenders people who have sex with either underage or unwilling participants?
Aren’t sex offenders people who expose themselves to non-consenting observers?
How can two consenting adults having sex in a secluded area of a park that get busted sex offenders?
Public indecency, ok.
Registering as sex offenders? Give me a break.
Pretty soon people are going to be sex offenders for the clothes that they wear. Women who have breasts that the federal commission for public decency deem too big to wear low cut shirts are going to be registering.
I guess two homosexual men were in a park and were approached by two undercover police officers who told the guys that they were “looking for a show” and would “like to watch”. The two fairies told them that they would give them a show and starting going at it and then the cops arrested them.
Now the prosecuting attorney wants them to have to register as sex offenders.
The kicker is that the sex act was witnessed only by the officers and no one else was around.
Prosecutors say that because the act happened in a public park, the fact that no one else saw this shouldn't matter.
Like I said, who hasn’t had sex in a public place, in some secluded area where they couldn’t get caught? C’mon. That is a sex offender? That is who you want going to prison? That is who you wrote the law for?
Half of American high school kids would be registering as sex offenders before they sent in their first applications to college if that was the case.

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