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Is Cyclopamine responsible for This Cyclops?

Scientists aren’t exactly your most artistic people. I doubt scientists spend a lot of time trying to come up with cool names for the drugs that they design.
What’s the chances that someone takes an experimental drug called Cyclopamine, and ends up having a Cyclops for a daughter?
It kinda sorta makes you really wonder how these pharmaceutical companies come up with the names of these drugs doesn’t it?
Come on. What are the chances that your child is born with a rare undetected chromosomal disorder known as cyclopia right after you have been exposed to Cyclopamine an experimental cancer treatment drug?
I know.
I wouldn’t put it past them to have come up with the name Cyclopamine after test result showed that the lab rats that they tested the drug on all have Cyclops babies.
Maybe that wasn’t the name they started out with, but I am sure that is how the name stuck.
Hand me over that bottle.
Which one?
The one that keeps making the lab rats have babies with one eye in the center of their foreheads.
Oh, that stuff.
Apparently the Indian woman who had the Cyclops daughter went to a fertility clinic after growing frustrated with not getting pregnant for the first 6 years of her marriage and received some “unknown treatment” there that apparently worked, at least technically.
Also, no surprise to anyone here, they say that India is really lax with their regulatory practices regarding fertility clinics and big pharmaceutical companies being allowed to use experimental medicine on people.
Well I can understand the fertility clinics. The country has damn near 1 billion people. Either they have the longest lifespan on the planet or no one in that country is having problems reproducing.
Maybe they use money from pharmaceutical companies to test out experimental drugs for extra income? I can’t believe a fertility clinic in India or China is a lucrative business.
And if they actually are popular, you would think that the government would out law them or something wouldn’t you?
I mean 1 out of three people on this planet are either a Chinese or an Indian national. Those two countries make up 1 third of all of the people on the earth.
What I don’t really get is the experimental drug part.
Then again, if you have a billion people in your country then you can afford to let someone run a few tests.
Apparently when you have a child born with such a horrific birth defect the good thing is that they don’t live long.
I didn’t know this either but apparent to curb all of the abortions that people were having in India as soon as they found out that they were having a girl instead of a boy, the Indian government made it illegal to use ultrasound to determine the sex of the child.
Unfortunately that has also contributed to few and fewer people going to get prenatal care and that might have contributed to why no one knew how fucked up this baby was sooner.

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