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Infidel Texts Banned In Kentucky Schools, again

In Kentucky the law says that "no book or other publication of a sectarian, infidel or immoral character, or that reflects on any religious denomination, shall be used or distributed in any common school."
Sectarian means; Of, relating to, or characteristic of a sect. Adhering or confined to the dogmatic limits of a sect or denomination; partisan.
Kentucky courts have already ruled that the Bible isn’t sectarian. According to Kentucky courts, Christian and Hebrew texts cannot be sectarian.
Well now that we have a nice double standard written into the books we can now officially go after everyone else.
What are they going to find next? A law in the Kentucky books that says that non-Christians need to wear a black arm band out in public at all times “for their own protection”.
The Kentucky infidel law is about 100 years old but now that it has been uncovered Schools across Kentucky have recently added it to official policy manuals.
This is why you have to be so careful what laws you add to the books, because 99% of laws that get added to the books never come off.
Of course when asked why they are adding this outdated law to their policy handbooks school officials are quit to say that they are just following the law of the state and that they don’t have any choice in the matter, but it was always the law but it wasn’t always in the official policy.
Besides, who is going to be in charge now of deciding what is infidel text and what isn’t?
Can I have that job? Or is that position only open to Jesus Freaks?
Others with more common sense in the state openly spoke of the obvious, "It (the infidel law) was passed, no doubt, at a time when there was a common public consensus about morality that I think frankly no longer exists," said former Kentucky Baptist Convention president Hershael York. Today, "we live in a state that has a lot more different religions. The definition of infidel is obviously going to be problematic."
Legally an infidel is someone who holds no religious belief. Apparently a religious belief is required for your book to be read in schools.
Another thing I gather from all of this is back in the day, people didn’t challenge stuff like this in the courts. Good thing they didn’t. Could you imagine what the Supreme Court would’ve ruled on first amendment rights had this been challenged in 1906.
Someone would’ve said to the Justices, “well sir, what exactly is an infidel and don’t as an American I enjoy constitutionally protected freedom of speech to say and write whatever I chose without obligation of holding a particular religious view that the state deems appropriate?”
And they would’ve said, “Nope,” and America would’ve forever been changed from that point forward.
Why you need to have a religious belief in order to teach math or gym class is beyond me, but then again I still have all of my teeth.
Kentucky leads the country in tooth loss just behind West Virginia so maybe not having all of your Chiclets frees your brain up to see more clearly these types of things.
Under further investigation this wasn’t the only ass backwards law on the Kentucky books, laws were there that also required teachers to teach the theory of creation as presented in the Bible and the Lord’s Prayer to be recited in public school classrooms.
And here is the kicker. State law also required that teachers read the Bible to their students at the start of the school day and also observe a moment of silence for dramatic effect apparently.
And you still argue that Islamic Fundamentalist are so different than how we used to be in the “good old days” that Neo-Cons are always talking about going back to.
With these guys if you substitute Jesus for Islam they are the same people.

source: 'Infidel' Texts Banned In Schools, Herald-Leader, Aug. 05, 2006
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