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An Eye for an Eye, literally

Some where we as a species lost the point.
There is nothing on this earth that is responsible for more suffering than religion.
When God said “Thou shall not kill” he should’ve known that those of us infected with whatever possesses us to get into a war of semantics every time we hear a word would have a field day on what God must’ve thought was a rather straight forward sentence.
Thou shall not kill.
As soon as they heard that, the debate started, “Does kill mean murder? If so, what does it mean to murder someone? If it doesn’t, then what’s the difference? Is it murder if you take someone’s life for taking someone’s life, can we do that?”
Damn, why do we make things so complicated?
It really isn’t. It only gets complicated because you don’t want to follow the rule. We make things complicated when we started trying to circumvent things to find loop holes.
In Somalia a 16-year-old repeatedly stabbed a man to death while the man was tied by a rope and flanked.
But it just wasn’t any man he killed. This wasn’t even a killing or a murder. It was an execution because the guy he stabbed to death had been convicted of killing this 16-year-old’s father.
The “execution” was witnessed by hundreds of people who actually took time out of their day to watch on their own free admission.
Like I said, the man who was stabbed several times in the chest and the throat had been convicted of killing the 16-year-old’s father. So apparently this was justice?
This was a public execution ordered by an Islamic court accordance with Islamic law.
The Islamic court in the Bermuda district of Mogadishu ordered that the kid, Mohamed, should execute his father's killer in the same manner that his father was murdered.
Thou shall not kill.
While he was being stabbed to death, Omar Hussein, 45 managed to shout out a few times "There is no God but Allah!" in Arabic as he was being air holed by this kid.
That’s just creepy isn’t it?
The 16 year old Mohamed Moallim was quoted as saying "I am happy now because I killed the man who killed my father."
What am I missing? If you are not supposed to kill, according to God’s law, then why is it Ok to kill under certain circumstances?
If someone covets your wife, under religious law would it be ok to then covet their wife because “what’s good for the goose?”
And what is the point in making it against the rules to do something in the first place if two wrongs make it everything all well and good?
Sharia law, states that if someone murders, they also should die but what is the logic behind that?
If murdering is wrong, how do you excuse murdering again?
And if so, why don’t we use that same line of thinking on other things like, why don’t we say if your wife catches you cheating on her with your secretary, then she gets to bone your best friend and just call it even?
How come it doesn’t work that way?

Teen executes dad's killer, News 24 South Africa, 02/05/2006  
same difference

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This isn't coming from some guy that is living in a cave somewhere looking over schematics of Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets while eating rations left behind from the soviet Afghan war.

muslim cleric convicted of “how to beat the shit out your wife” manual
The Angel Gabrielle came down from heaven and wanted to make it clear to Muhammad that God wants you to beat your wife, but to do it in such a way to avoid suspicion and prosecution from the local authorities