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South African Government Now Taking Issue with Bottled Water

South African Water Research Commission CEO Dr Rivka Kfir told members of the National Assembly's science and technology committee that former water affairs ministers Ronnie Kasrils and Buyelwa Sonjica had "always been very cross when people served them bottled water".
"It is different if you want soda or carbonated water, but otherwise there is no need, in any major urban area in South Africa, to ... use bottled water." "There is no need to use bottled water in Parliament; you can use tap water ... there is nothing wrong with it," Kfir said.
Kfir maintained that South Africa’s tap water is tested daily so it is of a better quality than bottled water and if members of Parliament want bottled water they should invest in some jugs and just get it out of the tap like they used to do.
Apparently her augment was so moving that the Committee chairperson Eugene Ngcobo called for an end to bottled water at Parliament right then and there.
"It is very important for us as science and technology [MPs] to lead Parliament, that in fact this [bottled water] is a waste of ... money, time and health, and is not as clean as the ordinary tap water.
And just like that. It was done.
I tell you, South Africa is the same place that said a few years ago that AIDS didn’t even exist.
Now they have issue with bottled water.
How sanitary is it to bring a jug that has been sitting out, lord knows where for lord knows how long, pour tap water into it and drink it?
I think I would take my chances with the factory sealed bottle water thank you very much.
I swear, the things that they take issue with down in South Africa is mind boggling. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that even comes close is when Sheila Jackson Lee wanted hurricanes to start getting “black sounding names”.
With all of the problems we challenge our government to tackle she decided to address what names the National Weather Service assigns to hurricanes because naming them Sally is hurting the self-esteem of black American youth.
Likewise, South African members of Parliament after declaring AIDS a myth now say that bottled water has no place in urban African areas.
It must be nice living in paradise.
I have no doubt that this must be what government is like in Heaven.
Human beings are going to find something to complain about because deep down we are never happy.
With everything provided, people will still complain in heaven that their cloud is too soft, their togas are too white or not white enough, there are too many sunny days and not enough rain even though there isn’t any grass to speak of.
In a place where 1 out of 5 people in your country are either dying or carrying the HIV virus, you would think bottled water wouldn’t be an issue on anyone’s radar.

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