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Jesus Freak Science: Sexual Lyrics In Song Make Kids Have Sex…

A recent study conducted by Rand Corp shows that once kids start listening to raunchy music with sexual lyrics, there is like a two year count down to when they will start have sex.
When kids listen to music where sexual references are more veiled and relationships between men and women are portrayed in songs as being more about commitment they seem to hold off a little longer.
Their findings are that sexual lyrics teach boys to be in relentless pursuit of sex and teach women to view themselves as sex objects.
Ok, so what was teaching them to be this way before lyrics got raunchy?
Oh wait a minute. Raunchy lyrics are relative.
Elvis shaking his pelvis while singing Jail House Rock in 1956 was “raunchy” back then.
Now without the help of a rock-n-roll historian no kid living today would even consider that dancing let alone raunchy.
In 1983 Prince sang in Little Red Corvette that “this girl had Trojans and some of them used. And that “she took him where she let her horses run free” and that was ‘raunchy”.
Compared to today, Prince lyrics would classify as veiled sexual references.
Are you telling me that it is a recent phenomenon that men are in relentless in pursuit of women?
What they did to come to this conclusion was take a bunch of virgins in 2001 and then call them back a few years later to find out if they had discovered sex and then took a note of the types of music that they were listening to.
Sounds like sound science to me.
Natasha Ramsey a teen editor for Sexetc.org, a teen sexual health Web site produced at Rutgers University agreed with the findings. "Teens will try to deny it, they'll say 'No, it's not the music,' but it IS the music. That has one of the biggest impacts on our lives."
Once again, Americans advocating personal responsibility.
Now it’s the music that is making our kids have sex.
Forget about peer pressure, self-esteem and home environment. Nelly lyrics have more of an influence on whether a kid has sex than his self-esteem or peer pressure.
Once again, conservatives are always looking for one cause.
Its how we think today. Maybe this is just another part of having such an instant gratification society.
We want our news in 30 second sound bytes. Everything we need to know about anything should be able to be broken down in 30 seconds.
I had someone ask me why Hezbollah and Israel were fighting and 30 seconds into my explanation I could already see that his eyes were glossing over.
He would’ve been satisfied with Hezbollah = Bad. Israel = Good.
He would’ve thanked me for my in-depth analysis and how he felt so much better about his world when he is informed like he is now. He probably would’ve even went into how I need to look into getting my own television show because I have a talent for breaking things down so that the common man can understand what is going on in the world today.
The politicians that can reduce anything down to 30 seconds win our elections.
The ones that think some things can’t be reduce to that don’t win elections.
We want our food instantly.
We want scan yourself check out so we don’t have to wait at the grocery store.
There is a part of us that wants to believe that banning trench coats could’ve stopped Columbine from happening.
That our boys would get into better colleges with better SAT scores if we banned females from showing cleavage in our high schools.
But some of us, albeit it seems we are a dying breed, still maintain that it is almost always dangerous to pinpoint just one thing.

Sexual lyrics prompt teens to have sex, Associated Press, Aug 7, 2006
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