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What is Happening to Paul McCartney is my Second Biggest Fear

I won’t even allow myself to spend too much time on what happened to Paul McCartney with this whole Heather Mills McCartney fiasco.
It strikes too deep at one of my core fears. The more I think about it, the more I freak out.
Right next to going to prison, my second biggest fear is falling in love with a woman and finding out that she has a, let’s just say, a questionable past that involves enough skeletons to make Christy Canyon blush.
But what happened to Paul McCartney was even worse than that.
Knowing myself, if I met a woman with a few porno tapes and questionable escort jobs on her resume, if I really liked her, I might not ask about her past.
It would be self protective.
But Paul did ask Heather about her past and apparently she repeatedly lied to him about it.
If Paul had come across this information from hiring a private investigator that would be one thing, but everyone was telling him about Heather but he refused to believe them over her.
Apparently not only did Heather Mills McCartney do the whole porno thing before she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, but she also used to cheat on her first husband with wealthy Arabs while she worked for an escort service at night.
Now I am starting to wonder if the whole losing of the leg thing wasn’t karma.
Her first husband Alfie Karmal to The Sun: “I caught her out lying over a job interview, which turned out to be an interview with an escort agency. Heather claimed she didn’t know it was an escort agency and said she thought she would just be showing clients around London...”
This lady is a piece of work.
I am the kind of person that honestly believes that people draw their fears to them. The surest way of experiencing something that you don’t want is to obsess over it.
One reason the fear is so deep in me is because women are so secretive. At the slightest hint that you aren’t cool with something they lock that information away. It never happened. The idea is that they can get you so into them that when and if it does ever slip out you will be too far in to make your way back to shore.
But finding out on my own is one thing, being lied to about it is something altogether different.
Paul was lied to. Apparently as these things came up over and over again he would just brush them off as jealous fans, mean spirited media types just angry that he replaced Linda so quickly.
It was none of their business, but I guess a lot of his fans did feel that Linda was barely cold in the ground before he started dating Heather.
The thing is that Paul knew. Eventually he had to have decided to check the rumors out for himself.
That is the part that has to hurt. At some point in time Paul had to have felt like he couldn’t trust his own wife.
But he has no one to blame but himself.
That is why you don’t marry a woman that you don’t know. Especially if you have a few dollars. You can’t afford to.
Now with no pre-nuptial signed, Heather is going to walk away from Paul with at least 200 million of his fortune.
She was recently reported to been laughing about how Paul had gone and changed the locks on his home to keep her out.
Laughing? It’s good someone sees something funny about all of this.
But I guess if you just want to be honest about it, what does she have to be sad about?
She is looking at being as infamous as Anna Nicole Smith for basically the same damn reason under basically the similar circumstances.
Paul reportedly has gotten so petty over all of this that he had legal papers sent to her over 3 missing bottles of liquid cleaner.
Personally, I don’t blame him for being petty. Be petty Paul. She lied to you.
This has nothing to do with being the bigger person. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
Just do me a favor and stay away from Berretta or Orenthal.
They might know what your going through but you don’t need that kind of advice right now because you might just listen to it.
Paul allegedly had to freeze a joint bank account that Heather’s name was on after he found out that she had spent over 1 million dollars in a little less than a month.
I guess that is what women do, they start pocketing cash during the build up for the divorce so that when they get divorced they get half PLUS whatever they managed to siphon off while they were waiting for their court date.
Another problem I see right off the bat is that Heather hired Princess Diana’s lawyer to defend her interests while Paul hired Prince Charles’ lawyer. Am I the only one that sees a problem here? Didn’t Fiona Shackleton already lose to Anthony Julius once?
Plus, if you just want to be honest, isn’t Paul really paying for both of these lawyers?
What money of her own does Heather really have to speak of?
Paul is basically paying for both of these lawyers to argue how much of his money is going to go to the gimpy porno star/mother of his daughter who lied to him about her past so that she could keep living high on the hog.
Just be honest with your partner.
Is that too hard for people to do?
If you use to be a slut, then just come clean. Say I was a slut. Emphasize the was part. Past tense. I was a slut. Make up some story about how you found Jesus after that police motorcycle ran you down and how you changed your life.
Be honest up front.
If he doesn’t buy it, then you can call him petty and move on.
If that means that you don’t get first pick of the best guys out there then so be it. It’s not like they are going to want to keep you anyway once the news gets out. You’re just postponing the inevitable.
It’s not like Paul was going to see her blowing some guy on the cover of a German porno magazine and say, “hey we all have made decisions in our lives that we aren’t proud of.”
The fact is that there is a type of guy out there that will marry porno stars. That’s your target demographic. I don’t know how big or small it is but that is who you should be focusing your attention on.
Personally, I don’t think a guy that sleeps with a slut is any better than she is. If you seek the company of trifling women then you have no right to judge because you aren’t any better than they are.
What makes a girl a whore isn’t how many guys she sleeps with but rather what her attitude is about herself, her partners and her sexuality. And not so coincidentally that is exactly what makes a guy a piece of shit too.
But everyone wants what they think they can’t have.
That’s why guys that are dogs are always looking for that good girl that they can keep on the side and whores are always looking for that mark that will knock them up so that they can stick him for half of his networth.

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