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Rage infected Rats Again…for real this time.

Mad science. It was a give and take. Initially, we only saw the take.
Once mad scientists appeared on the earth, scientific advancements and understandings about the world we live in quadrupled every year for the first 20 years.
We had the wheel, horse drawn buggies and torches for the first 7,000 years.
Mad science shows up in the late 1800s, and within 100 years we have tires that don’t deflate even when you puncture them with nails, cars that drive like they were being pulled by 400 horses and the only time we need a fire to read by is when we don’t pay our power bill.
The down side of mad science is that occasionally mad scientists threaten to destroy much of what is here on this earth, albeit, rarely intentionally.
You see, mad scientists do what they do to satisfy what they see as the greatest good, their own curiosity. It is their greatest asset but it also makes them the greatest threat to life as we know it.
If a mad scientist were to happen upon a UFO for example, and after walking inside he saw a big red button that read “Do not push for any reason whatsoever.” he would push it. He can’t help himself. He would be curious to see what would happen. His curiosity would get the best of him.
Now if the ship ejected its anti-matter fuel and blew half the planet to pieces so that the earth looked like an apple with a chunk bitten out of it, then like a gentlemen he would apologize. Although at that point you would have to realize that the only reason he wouldn’t push the button again would not be because he was sorry for what he did, but rather because now he knows what that particular button does. If you think he was apologizing for being curious then you would be mistaken.
His apology should not be taken as a guarantee in anyway that if he happens across another “Do not push” button somewhere else in the ship that he would be any more successful at showing restraint from pushing the second button as he was with the first.
This is the dilemma we face as a society living with mad scientists among us.
On an animal breeding farm in Siberia Mad Scientists are breeding two strains of rats.
The first strain has been bred with genes that make them especially nice, loveable, kind and nurturing.
On the other side of the room however, is another strain of rats, and these rats are so violent, angry and evil that they actually hurl themselves screaming at the bars of their cages at the sight of a human being. They mangle their mouths bloody trying to bite through their cages to get to you.
”Imagine the most evil supervillian and the nicest, sweetest cartoon animal, and that’s what these two strains of rat of like” Tecumseh Fitch, University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
The second strain of rats cannot be handled by humans. “They will not tolerate it, said Frank Albert, a graduate student at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig Germany who works with these strains of Siberian rats. To get these rats into other cages they have to just place two cages across from each other and hope they walk into the second cage.
These two strains of rats all started in 1959 when Dmitri K. Belyaev, a Russian geneticist wanted to study the genetics of domestication, figuring that there had to be a scientific explanation as to why you can’t take a wild bear, raise it in your home like all of your other pets and not have it eat you alive as soon as it is big enough to.
I admit I have often wondered about that as well.
How come you can’t take a Grizzly bear right out of the womb, wipe the placenta off of it and raise it among human beings in civilization and not have it grow up cuddly and loveable instead of wanting to kill you every chance that it gets.
It doesn’t know any different. All it ever knew was kindness from human beings. What gives?
Why wouldn’t it just think that it was a human like everyone else and act accordingly. Why doesn’t it work that way?
Well Belyaev answered that question for us.
The answer is because 10,000 years ago, when humans started domesticating animals they were smart enough to take the nice ones. If there weren’t any nice ones in a species then they didn’t get domesticated. That is why we don’t have pet Lions and rattlesnakes but we do have pet dogs and cats.
Belyaev discovered that all domesticated animals had been selected by the exact same criterion, tameness.
Seems obvious to us now that we are looking at Rage infected rats on one side of the room and Pillsbury Dough boy rats on the other side, but isn’t this something that should’ve been obvious?
Now what also should be obvious is that it is only a matter of time before these rats escape into the German sewer systems by some do-gooder animal rights activist working on the idea that they are doing some “great good” by breaking in this place and releasing all of the laboratory animals go free back into nature.
Animals in laboratories are not natural. They are in their nature.
There are 10,000 monkeys roaming free on the island of Puerto Rico right now because over the past fifty years or so they have escaped from various scientific laboratories on the island.
A laboratory in Mexico accidentally released a batch of man-eating flies out in to the wild without sterilizing them first.
What I am trying to get at is that precedent has already been set.
In the movie 28 Days later they used animal activist for dramatic effect.
If they Rage infected rats get out someday it will most likely be human incompetence just like its always been.
Good luck with that.

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