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It Would Be Nice If Republicans Came Clean Before The Were Elected

I don’t know if it’s like this in other states, but what kills me here in Michigan is that when Michigan Republicans are running for office, they never talk about social issues. All they want to talk about is creating jobs or complaining about how much we are paying in taxes. Whenever the democratic candidate, whoever it may be, wants to talk about social issues, the Republican candidate is quick to call those topics irrelevant, and they remind us that having a conversation about stem cell research, gay marriage or medicinal marijuana usage, isn’t going to create a single job or put food on the table in any home in Michigan.
Which is true, but the problem is, that we aren’t voting in November on who is going to hold the office of Job Creation Minister.
We are voting for governor.
When and if they are elected, and a proposal to change the state constitution to explicitly state that marriage is only between a man and a woman or to allow state funding to go to private Christian religious schools comes across their desk, suddenly, not only do they have an opinion, but now its relevant.
Like I said, jobs are a good thing, but I don’t think I need you in office trying to create jobs if I have to get all of that other crap with it.
See, that is always the catch-22 with Republicans, I mean, who doesn’t want more jobs?
I don’t think you will find anyone that will say that. "No no no, we have more than enough high paying jobs in my state!" Who says that?
But any candidate that is running for governor that thinks it is irrelevant to talk about social issues and only wants to talk about creating jobs, is either an idiot or needs to be running for another office.
If you are going to have the responsibility of voting ye or nay on social issues, then we need to know where you stand on those issues.
I have a job. According to the Michigan Department of Labor, 94.7% of the people in Michigan have jobs.
What I don’t have is any clue where Dick DeVos stands on physician assisted suicide.
I know he wrote a book called Rediscovering American Values, which is in the past has been Republican code for shameless intolerance for anything not expressly WASP.
Usually the premise of those books are basically if we get back to the values that made America great, (whatever those are) we wouldn’t have problems with crime, drugs, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies like we do today.
If we just went back to the 1950s when… uh, when we use to beat up and sometimes even killed black people for trying to vote we wouldn’t have problems with crime, drugs, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies like we do today.
If we just went back to the 1940s when…uh, we arrested Japanese Americans and kept them in prison camps, confiscated their homes and businesses and left them with nothing then had to repay them reparations for their losses 40 years later we wouldn’t have problems with crime, drugs, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies like we do today.
Maybe if we just went back to the 1930s when… Ok, forget it. You get the point. How far do we have to go back?
What values did we have back then that made America so great that we don’t have now?
Maybe I should read the book, huh?
Maybe we didn’t have the value of taking American Jobs and sending them overseas to China and India to increase our profit margin we could fight crime, drugs, alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancies?
Maybe that’s the key, huh?
Could that have been one of those lost American values he might have been telling us about?
Notice too that Republicans always harp about American Values but never about ethics.
Ethics are guidelines to correct conduct or what someone ought to do, not what someone is legally obligated to do.
With ethics, you are not bound legally to do anything; ethics are sort of like a best practice kind of thing.
Maybe that is why Dick DeVos could inherit the billions he got from his father who was the founder of Amway, the biggest pseudo-pyramid scheme ever created and have a clear conscious.
Since Amway wasn’t illegal, only highly suspect, I guess it doesn’t even register on his radar.
I don’t know. This has always bothered me about Michigan Republicans. Because once they get elected, that is when they start shamelessly going on and on about how born again they are but they don’t talk about that shit when they are on CNN or on their info commercials, but the moment they get into office they can’t shut up about it.
After they are elected suddenly Jesus is advising their every veto of stem cell research, every restriction they legislate against women having access to abortions and every amendment to the state constitution they propose to limit our rights.
Now why is that?
Could it be that they wouldn’t get elected to office if they campaigned on those issues.
That would be my guess. And if that is the case, why do we elected them in the first place?
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Jobs.

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