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HIV Positive Woman Sentenced For Infecting Suspecting Men
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If you know human nature you know some things are just bound to happen. It’s just a matter of “when” not “if”.
This is one of them. A woman has been sentenced to prison for intentionally having unprotected sex with several men, knowing she was HIV positive.
Sarah Jane Porter, 43, of Seaton Close, Kennington, south-east London, was sentenced to 32 months after admitting inflicting HIV recklessly.
Not surprising to anyone one of her former lovers is suicidal now.
Even more are stressed out while they are awaiting the results of their tests.
The problem is that she was actually encouraging men to have unprotected sex with her.
It wasn’t their idea. But it was their choice to go along with it.
Personally, I would be suspicious of any woman who was insisting on me not to wear a condom, that’s supposed to be my job.
I am supposed to be begging her to let me sleep with her without a condom not the other way around.
That is how hell freezes over and planets fall out of alignment. You don’t want to do that.
Apparently she refused to cooperate with police trying to locate her past lovers but forensic teams found them anyway and did, eventually prove that she was the source of the HIV infections.
I know some of you are out there wondering where personal responsibility falls into this equation?
No one put a gun up to these men’s heads and made them fuck her bareback right?
She isn’t under any legal obligation to tell everyone that she sleeps with that she has HIV does she?
What’s next, making HIV positive people where arm bands to tell the world that they are sick? Maybe tattoo something across her forehead, “hey I have HIV fuck at your own risk?”
Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me...considering.

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Source: Woman jailed for giving lover HIV, BBC, June 19, 2006 
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