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Pakistani Woman Beheads Husband Over Fourth Wife

Ok, maybe I was wrong.
I always assumed that in those places around the world were polygamy is practiced, women were cool with it.
I guess that is what I get for watching Big Love on HBO.
Personally, I have never dated a woman that was interested in sharing me with another woman, either sexually, emotionally or even with sharing my time, but maybe women in India or Pakistan or in parts of Africa were just of a different breed.
Maybe somehow that possessive gene that women have over here was in remission over there.
Personally, I would consider it akin to something like suicide by cop.
If any woman that I’ve dated ever came home and caught me even holding hands with a woman my fate would’ve been out of my hands at that point.
If she was my wife. I would think she would have the right to take it to the next level of senseless violence.
And I wouldn’t blame them.
I think when you cheat on your wife or your husband you forfeit your life over to them. It is no longer yours. It is theirs to do with as they wish.
So it is written, so shall it be done.
But in the polygamy world you don’t hear about women losing their minds and killing off all of the other wives.
Maybe you can say we are like that because our relationships are built on the presumption of monogamy and obviously that isn’t the case in a culture where polygamy is accepted, but I don’t think this is just about being betrayed.
This is about possessiveness. This is about ownership not simply about betrayal.
A Pakistani woman cut her husband’s head off, chopped up his body and dumped the pieces into a sewerage drain after he announced his plans to take on a fourth wife.
It takes a hell of a lot of hate to override what chopping a person’s body up must do to a stomach.
I guess everyone has their limits. Maybe the fourth wife was just it.
Apparently, Majeeda Khatoon, the woman who killed her husband, told police after she confessed to the crime that he flaunted his infidelity.
Apparently Islam permits a man to have up to four wives but it is unclear how many husbands God allows a woman to have.

Source: Woman beheads husband who wanted 4th wife, MSNBC, May 3, 2006 
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