RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward

Oh so that’s why??

I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered why the hell are so many new houses and subdivisions going up everywhere that you look. And I am not talking about shotty government subsidized housing either. I am talking expensive ass $300,000 + housing, going up all over the place.
The kind you actually need a job to move in to.
Was there some sort of population boom that went on that I didn’t know about?
What ever happened to the 700 squared foot ranches with the attached garages that I grew up in? There used to be entire neighborhoods of these houses all identical to each other up and down both sides of the street.
Now you can’t by a new house with less than 1800 squared feet.
Did people just get bigger or something? Are we having more kids?
Baby boomers were born in 700 square foot ranches, now we are being raised in 1800 squared foot, two story four bedroom houses in subdivisions that are coming up faster than the wildlife can relocate.
My parents have a deer that still lives in their garage because it hasn’t accepted that this isn’t his field anymore.
There are more rabbits in my parent’s neighborhood than dogs and cats.
And these rabbits are running around with impunity, unchecked, unafraid and without predators. They are practically domesticated now. If they see you outside drinking lemonade enjoying the afternoon with a bowl of chips they will come right up and ask you for one.
People talk to them so much, telling them to get out of their yards and to stop tearing up their landscaping I swear some of them know English now.
Where did all of these people come from that are moving into these homes?
That is what I want to know.
Is this connected to illegal immigration some how?
Because if it is, then I am going to go hang myself.
If 11 million illegal Mexicans can come into this country to pick apples and be short order cooks and can afford a $350,000 home practically the day they hop the fence into Texas, somewhere my life went terribly wrong.
15.6 million Americans devote more than half of their income to paying their house notes.
Foreclosures are at an all time high in American history. I thought banks had some kind of formula to make sure when they loan people money that they can actually pay it back. Isn’t that the whole point of having good credit anyway? Don’t they have an interest in making sure you can pay your bills before they give you a mortgage on a piece of property?
Or have they changed their focus and now they are just all about herding people into these places as fast as they can build them?
I see $450,000 homes being built in small towns with populations of 5,000 people or less?
Those use to be small inbred farming communities. You know the type of places where everyone is related?
Their populations didn’t increase for the last 55 years.
Now these same villages are putting in sewer, paving their roads and are building second high schools when they used to be a part of consolidated school districts because they couldn’t even support a high school by themselves.
Now automobile and technology executives are calling these places home.
Anywhere there is an open field is now being eyeballed by developers looking to put up $250,000 condominiums.
Will they ever get to the point where they will be building more housing than there are people to live in them?
Well apparently not.
According to the experts, the housing demand is being driven by household fragmentation as couples are getting divorced and children leaving home and looking for their own pads.
So scratch the idea that Jose, Juan and Carlos are driving the market all by themselves.
So the average American’s inability to pick a healthy marriage partner is now being exploited to make more people rich than just divorce attorneys.
Whatever happened to going out and getting an apartment when you leave home? That is what people did when I was 18.
No one I knew moved from their parent’s basement, to a dorm room and then right into a $250,000 home.
Believe me, if people were doing it then I would’ve did it.
Right now I feel like everyone has been at party for the past 10 years and I am just now hearing about it.
I saw the cars parked out front, I heard the music playing, I saw the girls in the tight tops and the short skirts walking up to the front door but I just didn’t know they were just letting anyone in.
Just my luck as soon as I walk in the door everyone is going to be getting their coats and ready to leave.

Source: Housing boom will not end in a crash, says Harvard, Financial Times, Mon Jun 12, 2006 
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