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Bush Approval Rating Hits A New New Low
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One reason politics gets ugly so quickly is because people feel that they can’t expect politicians to do the “right thing” until their popularity sinks to such a point when they are forced to.
So the only tool you have at your disposal to get the right things done is to call them out incessantly.
Since Bush has taken office the oil industry has recorded record profits while the price at the pump has steadily risen.
I see the connection. If you are charging $3.15 a gallon for something that was only $1.65 a gallon the day he took office and I bet you would see a slight increase in your profit margin.
The question is why has the price of gas gone up so steadily?
While Dubya’s popularity and approval rating was in the respectable range, Dubya never saw no need to even address the issue.
Now suddenly when 60% of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing, Bush is talking tough about gas prices, suddenly “price gouging will not be tolerated” and Congress needs to take away tax breaks to the oil industry in these days of record profits.
He can tolerate price gouging when he’s popular but when you don’t like him suddenly price gouging has to be addressed.
I agree with everything he said.
Gas prices are 31% higher today than they were on this same day 12 months ago. I am not even going to go into how much it has risen since he was sworn into office.
Why? Give me one reason gas is over 3 bucks a gallon.
The oil industry hasn’t built a new oil refinery in 30 years but they doesn’t explain why gas prices have gone up so drastically since Bush took office.
I guess that is explained away by coincidence.
Whenever things look really bad you can always count on coincidence to explain things away.
Maybe this might have something to do with Bush saying that he was prepared to use tactical nukes on Iran last week, but who am I to say?
Nuking the fourth largest oil producer in the world might just signal higher prices at the pumps as an industry showing record profits since you have been in office has fears of coming back down to earth.
So Bush is getting tough now. Am I supposed to give him a pat on the back now?
Since President Logan is now doing what he should’ve done five years ago I’m supposed to feel like he is on top of things?
When these same concerns were being brought to his attention in 2004 he barely even addressed them, basically saying that there was nothing wrong with making a buck.
Well that just might be why so many Americans root against Bush like he is the anti-Christ.
That is why appear to love it when reports come in that there were 40 new casualties this week in Iraq and that he hasn’t responded to Katrina victims and so on and so fourth.
Its not that Americans are heartless about the loss of human life or suffering, its just that they know that unless Dubya’s popularity starts to wane, this bastard isn’t about to do a damn thing but make sure that the steering wheel is straight and go on as business as usual.
Why are you getting tough with the oil companies now Dubya?
We know the answer, but is he man enough to give us the answer.
We want to hear it out his mouth. We want to see the words, “because now, unlike 5 years ago, when you started complaining about gas prices, I have to do something about it because the Americans have caught on to my ass” form on his lips.
How can that not piss you off? The only reason we vote in this republic is because we were sold on the idea that our elected officials will make decisions on our behalf on what’s best for the country.
Sadly, that isn’t happening.
And if he didn’t have FOX news as his 24 hour 7 day a week spin-doctor staving off natives getting ancy over unexplainable price increases at the pumps this day would’ve came 12 months into his first term.
I guess nothing sparks a change of heart like a steady decline in your job approval rating since you were sworn into office for the second term.

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Source: Bush approval rating falls to new low in poll, Reuters, 05/08/2006
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