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Was J. Edgar Hoover really gay?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

J. Edgar Hoover relaxes with his friend Clyde A. Tolson. I can’t stand it when people interrupt a perfectly good gossip session that they were not invited to just to say, “Who cares if he is gay or not? What difference does it make?”
Although I agree with that statement in principle, I do only on a certain level, and only under certain circumstances.
Sure, I agree who cares if someone is gay when you are talking about important stuff like whether or not they can do a job, or if they should be able to vote, but it absolutely matters if you are talking about other stuff like deciding how much you should invest emotionally if you are courting them or how much time you are going to spend trying to get one of them to screw your brains out.
I don’t believe that people are ever in the closet. The clues are always there. Heterosexuals just don’t listen to them.
Saying someone is "in the closet" sounds like they are hiding.
How can you be gay and hide?
We train ourselves to look at the evidence and weigh it as if we were sitting on a jury during a criminal trial.
This isn't about evidence.
This is about common sense, spider sense and feeling disturbances in the force.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is about paying attention to the “unspoken rules” of heterosexual conduct that homosexuals violate regularly.
I don’t think there has ever been a better example of ignoring the “unspoken rules” of heterosexual conduct exposing the truth of someone’s homosexuality than in the case of J. Edgar Hoover.
Let’s just, for the sake of argument, forget all about Susan L. Rosenstiel and how she “claimed” to had seen Hoover dressed in a black dress and high heels at the Plaza Hotel.
We don’t even need to introduce that as evidence to prove Hoover was gay.
J. Edgar Hoover was gay.
Like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, if you look at each piece of evidence separately, it is difficult to recognize the picture you a building.
Hoover was a life long bachelor. That's just one piece.
By itself, this is no biggie. I admit this means nothing.
Hoover was a life long bachelor but don’t take that to mean that he was a lonely man. Hoover never had a chance to be lonely.
Hoover had a constant companion in a man named Clyde Tolson that made sure of that.
Again, no biggie. So Hoover had a really close guy friend?
Apparently the two were inseparable even going so far as to take their vacations together.
No big deal right?
Who are you kidding?
Ok, if you can come to terms with the gayness of scheduling vacation so you can spend more time with a guy that are already “inseparable” from at work, then nothing else you read will surprise you.
When Hoover died, he left everything to Tolson. Like I said, no surprise.
Who else would a straight man leave his estate to if not his “inseparable even when he is on vacation “work buddy””.
Every last dime Hoover ever made and saved away for a rainy day went to Clyde and it was Tolson who accepted the American flag used to drape Hoover’s casket when he died.
The final piece of the puzzle is that when Tolson died, the two of them were buried next to each other, just as it was according to their wishes.
Once again, if you look at each piece as if it were a single tree maybe you would never see the forest.
But if you put it all together, take a step back and see that Hoover is a life long bachelor with a really close guy friend that never leaves his side, and they are so close that they even go on vacations together, Hoover ended up leaving everything to this dude when he died and they even agreed to be buried next to each other well that violates every single “unspoken rule” of heterosexual conduct in the book.
Now if you are still in denial, ask yourself, if this was a woman named Margaret instead of a guy named Clyde, wouldn’t you assume that Hoover was madly in love with this woman, and that it was more than just a working relationship?
You probably would be calling this a great American love story.
But since we are talking about Ed and Clyde you aren’t going to be convinced until you see actual photographs of them in the act.
And that is exactly why homosexuals can hide in closets.
They do everything that heterosexuals do. They sneak around just like we do. The only thing is that they aren’t any better at hiding when they are in love than we are.
Not that anyone should care…

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Source: Ask Yahoo, Was J. Edgar Hoover really a transvestite?
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