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Get Off Jill carroll’s Back Already
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Jill CarrollThe entire time that Jill Carroll was held hostage in Iraq was difficult for my father. Evidently she was of student of his when she was in middle school here in Ann Arbor.
Since her release my father has been interviewed on CNN, FOX news, both Detroit News papers and lord knows where else.
Actually, the entire time that Jill was being held captive my father didn’t even want to talk about the situation Jill was in. I guess what is going on over there hit too close to home for him.
Its one thing to see the war every night on television. Its a whole other thing to know people that are in it.
Jill Carroll's ordeal over there wasn’t quite as personal for me, obviously. I am a few years older than her and I don't know her personally but this is one of those times when I don’t have to actually be in Jill Carroll’s shoes to cut her some slack.
I can’t believe that there are people are being critical of Jill Carroll for what she said while she was being held captive by Iraqi terrorists.
Conservative Jack Bauer wanna-be's apparently have been suggesting ever since she returned home that Jill is a traitor who bargained with terrorist to make propaganda films. Those films are all the more traitorous because they were played all over the middle east and had disparaging things about George Bush in them. They argument is that she should've taken a bullet in the forehead like a good patriot rather than bash Bush across the Middle East.
Even the New York Times chimed in and suggested that maybe she was actually saying what she personally believed in those films.
I think people have been watching too much 24.
Apparently 24 has eased people into this fantasy world where they actually believe if faced with being held captive against their will by terrorist they would refuse to cooperate with these terrorists at any cost, well, at least until CTU could download real time images of their exact location into Jack’s PDA where he would single handedly come in and rescue them.
Jill went over to Jordan, all on her own, before the war even began to learn about the people she was going to be covering in her news stories. I am sure that fueled these conservatives skepticism of her. In fact, I am sure of it.
I could count on one finger how many so called conservatives I can think of that actually get their feet dirty and find out what is going on from the ground level with anything.
They are in the business of just giving their takes on whatever opinion they have regurgitated from some other right wing know it all who regurgitated his opinion from some other until it gets back to the close-minded source of all of their misinformation and misguided self-righteous angst.
Far too many, are much too content to give their no holds barred, fair and balanced, everything you need to know about the situation opinion and analysis on “anything you want to know about” from the safety of their Palm Beach condo.
The fact that Jill actually wanted to learn as much as she could about the people in the region before we started blowing it to pieces is beyond many of their abilities to comprehend.
In the American Journalism Review last year, Carroll wrote that she moved to Jordan in late 2002 "to learn as much about the region as possible before the fighting began. There was bound to be plenty of parachute journalism once the war started, and I didn't want to be a part of that," she wrote.
I don’t know about you, but I know I won’t forget that video I saw of her crying hysterically and pleading to the camera for something or other.
I don’t know what she was actually saying in it because no one I knew actually played the audio part, but I doubt it was her going on about how she was moved to tears because of her captor’s hospitality.
They just showed her falling apart.
I might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but I have to think, what the hell would’ve Jill been crying like that for if her time spent with them was as uneventful and based on as much mutual respect, kindness and genuine concern for her well-being as she had portrayed it as being while she was being interviewed in at the Iraqi Islamic Party offices where she was delivered to hours earlier.
She said that she was afraid to speak the truth at the time of the interview even though she had been released.
I don’t blame her.
Until I stepped foot on American soil, considering what I went through, I wouldn’t have a bad thing to say about any of it either, at least not publicly.
Hell, she didn’t even know what her captors even looked like.
Under those Jawa robes, bandanas and Tuskin raider masks she had no clue who was who.
For all she knew maybe the guy interviewing her at the Iraqi political party offices was one of her captors.
Maybe they didn’t take her anywhere, maybe they just took her around the block and brought her back to a sound stage not at all unlike the one that they staged the moon landing on.
Once I knew I was safe, which would’ve only been once I was back on US soil would the truth come out of me publicly.
And then I would spend the rest of whatever journalism I had left in me covering high school football for the rest of my life.
I totally understand. Completely.
Conservatives get so pissed whenever someone criticizes Dubya, apparently even when what you are saying is obviously coerced.
I mean, can you think of a better visual to go along with the definition of coerced than masked terrorists with AK-47s standing directly behind someone while they read a statement?
If being coerced is to compel someone to act or think in a certain way by use of pressure, threats, or intimidation then that would be it.
"During my last night in captivity, my captors forced me to participate in a propaganda video. They told me I would be released if I cooperated. I was living in a threatening environment, under their control, and wanted to go home alive. So I agreed," Jill said in a statement."Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not."
I don’t know, literally having armed men with loaded assault rifles standing behind you while your are making a statement has a way of undermining the credibility of what you are saying, at least to me.
But I am funny like that.

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Source: Freed Iraq hostage 'forced' to make propaganda video: statement, Associated press, Sat Apr 1, 2005
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