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If Abortion is murder…

When abortion gets banned again by the conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court, what do you think the penalty will be for having an abortion and who should pay the price?
If abortion is murder then we send the physician performing the abortion to prison for murder, correct?
How about the girl or the parent that hired him? Assuming that she wasn’t ambushed on the street, dragged kicking and screaming into a back alley, held down against her will and her pregnancy terminated, what do we do with the scared little 16 year old that hired him to perform the procedure?
Are we going to send 16 year old girls to prison for 20 years too?
And what about in a death penalty state?
If abortion is murder and murder gets you a date with the electric chair, then shouldn’t the punishment for performing an abortion procedure or hiring a doctor to perform an abortion get you a date with the electric chair as well?
And for those of you that are wondering why some frightened 16-year-old girl should get the same 10,000 volts as the doctor that performed the procedure, think about it. If I commission someone to kill my wife, legally I am an accessory to murder, right?
Legally that’s barely any different than if I killed her myself.
Despite the best efforts of the religious right to make abortion a polarizing issue in America, the fact of the matter is a solid majority of Americans feel that that Roe v. Wade should be upheld.
But that same solid majority also think abortion is murder. They also believe that deciding whether or not to murder your fetus is a personal choice that should be protected, with some restrictions.
Go figure.
The South Dakota state legislature recently banned almost all abortions to hopefully provoke a paleoconservative dominated Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Notice I didn’t say provoke a debate. They just want the law changed regardless of what the American people want. But that it the catch isn’t it?
It doesn’t really matter what the people want. In fact, the Supreme Court should give a damn what the people want. Their only concern should be how they interpret what the Constitution says or doesn’t say.
But for the record, 52 percent of Americans think that abortion should be legal in most or all cases; while 43 percent said it should be illegal most or all of the time.
Only 16% of Americans think it should be banned in all circumstances while only 19% think it should be legal without restrictions of any kind.
There is absolutely no way, no how that Americans are ready, either politically, socially or otherwise to start filling up death row with 16-year-old girls that terminated their pregnancies either by a professional in some back alley or rather by themselves by clothes hanger in their bathroom.
We don’t put the hit man on death row but leave the guy who ordered the hit to walk the streets and spend the rest of his life thinking about what he’s done.
Until you are ready to do that then you really need to be careful when you start tossing the word Murder around so easily.
If abortion is murder then you know how we deal with murderers.
And don’t take this to mean I am mister “pro-execute frightened teenage girls” because nothing could be further from the truth.
I am pro-choice with the option to sterilize people against their will.
I believe if you have two children that test positive for illegal drugs within a 5 year period the state should reserve the right to have you sterilized.
I believe if you get arrested for a crime and drugs appear in your system twice within a 5 year period then automatic vasectomies are in order.
You want to cut down on abortions, well so do I. You want to do it by preaching about damnation, I want to do it through elective surgery that the state elected for you.
If you can take away a persons right to freedom and lock him up in a cage for the rest of his life why can’t you get him fixed?

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