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Police Refuses Gay Man CPR Over HIV Concerns
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

They say that you shouldn’t make assumptions because it makes an ass out of you and me.
Get it? Ass-u-me.
Well it might make an ass out of me but it could end up killing you.
Claude Green, Welch, West Virginia’s resident homosexual was driving along one day when he began to suffer a terrible heart attack. His friend Billy Snead and passenger in the car with Claude at the time managed to pull over to the side of the road, get Claude from the car and lay him out on the street.
But Claude Green’s friend was prevented from performing much needed CPR on Claude after West Virginia police chief ordered Snead to stop performing chest compressions and mouth to mouth on Green out of fear that Claude had HIV and would inadvertently infect Snead.
Now why did the police chief assume, there is that word again, “assume” Claude had HIV?
Well Claude was gay wasn’t he?
At the time the police chief didn’t realize that the man performing CPR was a friend of Greens.
Had Police Chief Bobby Bowman known that the would-be rescuer Billy Snead was Claude’s friend he probably would’ve let him continue performing CPR, assuming again that since he was Green’s friend, he was most likely was gay as well, therefore HIV positive just like Claude, so there would be no health risk in the two of them exchanging spit.
Green’s friend followed Police Chief Bobby Bowman order, only because he assumed, there goes that word again, that the police chief was going to step in and continue the chest compressions he had started, but Police Chief Bobby Bowman had no such intentions in mind.
"He was a police officer so I got out the way. I assumed he would help. I didn't want to be a hindrance," Snead said. "He also told the ambulance drivers that he was HIV positive and to be careful."
Rose Saxe, a lawyer with the ACLU's AIDS Project, that filed the lawsuit against Bowman on behalf of Claude’s mother said Bowman's alleged actions violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, equal protection laws and due process rights. Saxe contends that Green should’ve received lifesaving care even if he was HIV-positive.
Now I am not sure about that.
I am not even sure if Saxe would be exchange spit with someone that she believed had open herpes soars on his mouth let alone HIV.
That isn’t to say anything about Saxe’s character per se, this is just about human nature isn’t it?
Lawyers have a tendency to deal in the hypothetical rather than in the real world sometimes. They spend so much time discussing what we ought to do that they don’t acknowledge what is really going to happen.
If someone is sprawled out on the street and I can see huge puss filled sores on their mouth I am not going down there to put my mouth on theirs.
Are you nuts?
If someone was bleeding all over the place from a car accident and while they were laying out in the road someone said, “you know that guy has Ebola”, well I am not sure I would help him either.
I am all for being a Good Samaritan but I am not sure I want to risk my life being one.
Now the fucked up thing here is that Claude didn’t have HIV, the police chief only assumed he did because Claude is a gay man in a small town in West Virginia. Among other things they just assume to be unchallenged facts in rural America include, All blacks are criminals, and or on welfare. They assume the founding fathers were all Christians that want the bible to be the backbone of the constitution, that Pat Robertson speaks for God, that everyone needs Jesus in their life, foreigners stink, all Arabs are terrorists or know someone who is, and that KKK is only bad depending on who you talk to.
So if you are going to walk away from this with anything I think it should be is living around corn fields, cows and NASCAR fans really worth the risk?

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Source: Suit: W.Va. Police Chief Denied Gay Man CPR, Associated Press

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