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Are Muslims Blowing Up Each Other’s Mosques Now?

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Muslim fundamentalist/ terrorist/Iraqi insurgents, whatever the fuck you want to call them, are now targeting one another’s Mosques with suicide bombers?
What is the logic behind that one?
”Assailants wearing uniforms detonated two bombs inside one of Iraq's most revered Shiite shrines Wednesday, blowing the top off its landmark golden dome and spawning mass protests and more than 90 reprisal attacks against Sunni mosques.”
If suddenly you are some kind of hardcore devote follower of Mohammedanism if you go blow up Mosques, then Islamic fundamentalist really are making up their own rules as they go along.
If anyone had any doubt before, that terrorists are just thugs who are claiming they are motivated for “religious” reasons, you should be able to see that bullshit for what it really is right now.
There is no way that in the name of Allah, terrorist are killing Muslims while they are worshipping in Islamic holy places for their own good.
There is no way that even Aljazeera could sell to the average, Muslim that he is just too blind to the big picture. That he is being killed in Muslim places of worship but they will thank them for it someday, you’ll see.
These thugs want a civil war so that they can put themselves in power. That’s about as deep as it gets.
All this is just a necessary step towards destabilizing the Iraqi government so that Islamist can see a fundamentalist Islamic state established in what is formerly Saddam’s Iraqi.
They want Iraqis at each others throats, divided over whether Muhammad’s son-in-law or his brother should’ve been the rightful leader of Islam after Muhammad’s death, just so that these thugs can come in and “Taliban” them all.
What I mean by Taliban them all is that they will tell them how it will be and step on their throats until they decide to swallow it.
Think about it, isn’t that whole idea of succession regarding a prophet or a manifestation of God is pretty stupid isn’t?
Paul established the Catholic Church. Fine. But as far as I am concerned Paul can speak for Jesus as soon as he can turn water to wine or walk on water.
Allah, through the angel Djibril, basically gave Islam to Muhammad to give to the people. Why or should I say, how could there be a successor? What qualifies either one of those guys to be “the next in line”?
Whenever there is power involved HUMAN BEINGS are always looking to preserve whatever conditions exist that are conducive to maintaining that powerbase.
Muhammad would go into a trance and have Djibril dictate him the Koran. Am I missing something here? What made his cousin/son-in-law or even some elected leader sweet? Could they see Angles too? Did Allah send the angel Djibril to protect them and dictate holy words of Koran to them as well?
The answer is no, Allah didn’t.
So what qualifies either one of them as the next in line when they aren’t any more experts on Islam than you or I are.
They can read the same book as I can.
See human beings are just so accustomed to being ruled by men that Muslims sought a successor without even thinking about it. It was practically unconscious.
Why would there need to even be a successor? You have the holy word now. You have the Koran. What else do you need? Go out and practice Islam.
What did I miss? Did Muhammad die before the Koran could be completed?
No. If I understand it correctly, the Koran has all of the answers that you will ever need to any question you will ever ask so what purpose would a successor serve other than to have the power of millions of sheep who are looking to you for guidance in the absence of the teacher.
Its amazing the kind of shit people can pull over on you when you allow yourself to be swept up in a wave of emotion.
People, every time thugs make a play for power they claim it’s always for a higher cause. They have to. There aren’t enough thugs in the world to give them any kind of majority, so their only real power comes from either the apathy of you and I, or by gaining your endorsement somehow by claiming they have your best interest at heart.
they can’t wait until America is caught on tape beating Iraqi kids silly in some back alley.
Most human beings on the earth know that is wrong. That is what they play on. They set themselves up as the champions of bringing justice to the people that beat and kill innocent Muslims, but only after they make sure that there aren’t any mirrors around that they might accidentally look at themselves in.
They killed an entire Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca about two years ago, I guess they thought that they would be able to pin that one on someone like the US and get Muslims worldwide even more hysterical than they tend to already be.
111 people have already died in all of this Muslim on Muslim violence since yesterday.
How can you be a Muslim and go and destroy Allah’s house and everyone in it?
If Christians did this, they would call it a crusade.
Are you saying that since they are all Muslims its ok to destroy one another’s places of worship. I say that true Muslims wouldn’t do this kinda stuff in the first place. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Source: Sunnis Hit After Shiite Shrine Blast, Associated Press, 02/22/06
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