Oscars Under Pressure From Jewish Groups Over Film’s Origin
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

If you have a difficult time respecting the power of symbolism like I do, then I suggest you rethink your position.
Why? Because if the government believes in it, then you should at least give it a serious once over.
The Israeli government along with some U.S. Jewish groups are actually pressuring Oscar organizers from saying that a film being nominated for a best foreign film Oscar this year is from Palestine.
They want the Oscars to say that the film is from the “Palestinian Authority” rather than Palestine, because as they contend, Palestine technically doesn’t exist.
I guess all of the drama started when the film “Paradise Now” directed by Hany Abu-Assad, was listed on the Oscar website as coming from Palestine right next to other films like Tsotsi, which is from South Africa, Sophie Scholl - The Final Days which is from Germany, and Joyeux Noël from France.
It was an honest mistake.
Normally films originate on the planet earth and there aren’t many places on the planet earth that haven’t been claimed by someone.
Here I am asking myself what is the big deal?
Then I think, the reason that people in positions of power seem to care so much about symbolism must be because symbolism must be what they use to control and manipulate us.
And people like me, who don’t believe in the power of symbolism, are the real clueless ones. Obviously this is a weapon of control that I am vastly underestimating because I don’t even understand why something like this would even blip on someone’s radar.
Seriously, I don’t.
But you’ve got to understand that if people are freaking out about something like this, then they must feel like there would be real ramifications for saying that this film is from Palestine.
I just don’t see what they could be. Maybe the Palestinians would start feeling better about themselves and be even more inclined to stop putting up with mistreatment from the Israelis?
I don’t know. I am asking. I don’t know how this symbolism works.
I seriously doubt that these are just Jews that want the website to be geographically accurate.
But then again you are always hearing groups like Hamas talking about how they will never recognize the State of Israel.
Once again, that is something largely symbolic. The fact that some one-eyed, mangled hand cleric making bombs in his basement somewhere in the West Bank doesn’t acknowledge your existence amounts to what?
It sure doesn’t stop Israel from cashing that 5 billion dollars in free money that they US gives them every year.
The same Europeans that created Israel also created Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the rest of the Middle East as well when they carved up the Ottoman empire for siding with Germany in WWI.
There is something symbolic here that they don’t want out. They don’t want the Palestinians to feel like they are being recognized internationally.
It’s probably for legal reasons. Everything is for legal reasons.
Then again, now that I think about it, what is a Palestinian anyway? If Palestine doesn’t exist, as Israel contends then how can there be Palestinians?
Can there be Martians without Mars?
Beatles without John Lennon? I don’t think so.
Dose Israel also deny that “Palestinians” exist? Obviously not. They recognize a “Palestinian Authority”, what are they the Authority of hmmmm?
I just suspect that I am far more in control of my emotional side than most. I still have my emotional buttons I just don’t keep them out where someone can start push them by showing me a kid that looks like he’s pregnant with flies walking across his face that can be fed and clothed on 6 cents a day.
That is my most difficult challenge I find as I get older, being able to control myself and yet still be able to identify with those of you that cannot.
I don’t get overcome with emotion when I see an American flag or here the national anthem and I don’t love my country any less than anyone else.
I just don’t allow myself to get whisked away at shit like that, but I guess if I were a world leader I would understand that a lot of human beings do.
I also wouldn’t be running around burning down buildings over a damn cartoon Muhammad either, even if I were to convert to Islam.
Just because I fast once and year and pray five times a day doesn’t mean that I have to forfeit my rational mind and become hysterical over things like that.
But as you see, there are a lot of people out there that do.

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Source: Oscar organizers deny pressure on Palestinian film, Reuters, 02/14/06

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