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Intelligent Design vs The Hundred Monkey Phenomenon
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Here we go again.
I guess this is when Bush starts going on and on about how he hates when judges legislating from the bench.
He tends to do that whenever a Judge rules against something he is in favor of. When Judges rule in favor of something he supports like the fascist elements of his beloved Patriot Act then they are curiously just doing their jobs, suggesting to those of us that doing your job is doing his will.
A federal Judge ruled this week that “intelligent design” cannot be mentioned in science classes as an alternative scientific theory to “evolution”.
That’s because intelligent design isn’t an alternative scientific theory because it isn’t scientific. Saying that Darwinism and Titans created the world and placed it on Atlas’s shoulders to keep it from falling should get equal billing in a place of education is retarded.
Creationism…uh…Intelligent Design theory isn’t a scientific theory therefore has no business in science class.
So you say that the Theory of evolution has its problems? Well we also aren’t sure how the Egyptians erected some 30 story Obelisk in the middle of nowhere, but does that serve as conclusive proof that Osiris built them?
Well intelligent design has its problems as well. What is the point of God creating flies?
Why does our ignorance of something always have to default to “God did it”.
At one time we didn’t know why there were earthquakes and thunderstorms because we didn’t understand high and low pressure systems or plate tectonics, and back them religion said that God was controlling all of that.
I was reading somewhere where a student asked his teacher if the ancient Greeks actually believed their own myths about Zeus and Apollo and whatnot.
And I thought the answer the professor gave was pretty interesting. I didn’t know this but some Greek poets actually made up Gods, just pulled them out of their asses to tell stories. Maybe they borrowed stories from other countries that they visited and needed more characters to move the plot so they created more Greek Gods to do it.
But the point was that even then, the educated people in Greece knew that mythology was a bunch of bullshit, but that didn’t mean that the poor and uneducated, just like in our society today were fervent about insisting that Zeus really lived on the top of a mountain and tossed lighting bolts down on people simply because that is what they were taught.
It’s nice to see that some things never change.
If you just want to be technical about it, there are very few ‘theories” that don’t have holes in them.
That is why they are called theories.
If they were rock solid they would be called laws not theory.
I am breathing a sigh of relief because to be completely honest with you, considering the current political climate in this country, the outcome of this case was far out of doubt.
But ultimately it boiled down to what it should’ve boiled down to, intelligent design is creationism and creationism isn’t science.
What bothers me the most are the people who aren’t above lying about something to get you to believe it, because in their minds, believing what they want you to believe is more important than them being able to prove it to be fact, so lying to make you believe it is a fact is therefore a justified means to an end.
That is what we have here. If God created the universe then prove it scientifically. If you can’t do that, then get out of my science class.

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Source: Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum, Associated Press, December 20, 2005