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Another inadvertent consequence of just not giving a fuck…
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Something just occurred to me just the other day.
I am willing to bet that incest is rampant in communities where guys are fathering multiple kids from multiple women.
See if you can follow me here. If these mothers know who the father is of their children, that doesn’t mean that they are aware of all of the other women that their child’s father had been sleeping with, correct?
And if so, it would be impossible for the mothers of these children to know if the little boys or girls that their children get into sexual relationships with years down the road are half brothers or sisters?
My girlfriend works as a Child protective services worker, and she has had a 21-year-old on her case load that had fathered 19 different kids, and is the legal father, as in paternity was established on 13 of the 19.
Even he believes that he is probably the father of more than 19 kids.
Another guy on her case load was in his early 40s, a life long drug abuser, but he had father 40+ kids that he knows of.
Seeing that most of these children are all with different women, these children are not all going to look a like simply because they share the same father. So in communities where this kind of stuff is out of control, how many people are running around unknowingly sleeping with their half sisters or brothers?
This is just another consequence of having children outside of committed monogamous relationships that offers absolutely no societal benefit whatsoever.
I didn’t say “outside of marriage” on purpose because marriage isn’t the answer.
Forcing two people to stay together under the same roof in an unhealthy relationship where they are fighting all the time, and raising children in a home where there isn’t any love between that child’s most influential role models is worse than being raised by a single attentive, loving, nurturing parent.
If I’ve said it once I have said it a thousand times, the answer is in teaching people how to make good decisions and that is done by teaching people to contemplate the consequences of their actions before they act on them.
As far as I know, and I will check on Wikipedia to see if I am wrong, but I don’t think that has ever been done in human history.
There has never been a concerted effort made by society to emphasize that people think about the consequences of their actions before they act.
Sure we say that to them once they are standing before a judge getting sentenced to prison, then we ask them why they didn’t think before they did whatever they did, but no society has ever made it a point to teach people to think critically.
Now that Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. is going to be confirmed on to the Supreme Court and abortion will again be made illegal in the United States under any circumstance, not that abortion would have spared places like Detroit from possible rampant inbreeding, but poor women dying in back alleys with clothes hangers sticking out of their vaginas will again be a weekly occurrence in the local news.
For the life of me I don’t understand why there aren’t free condoms every single place that you can go.
There’s so much sex going on out there and evidently too much of it is going on without protection.
That’s the most important piece of plastic that you can carry in your wallet bar none, as far as I am concerned.
Sure, the wealthy will be able to afford sending their daughters to Canada or some other civilized place to get an abortion but as usual, the poor, who aren’t so fortunate, are just going to have to suck it up and take one for the team.
Now I can understand where people are coming from where they say, “fuck em’”, you’ve got to learn to live with the consequences of your actions. You have unprotected sex, you get AIDS, you get pregnant, you have children out of wedlock, you have so much unprotected sex with so many different partners that you don’t even know who the father of your baby is, then that is what you get.
But who is really getting it? It’s not like having a baby is going to make someone who is irresponsible suddenly step up to the plate and take care of that child. It would be nice if it worked out that way, and sometimes it does but if that was the norm we as a society wouldn’t be dealing with the kind of things that we see going on in our urban areas.
Sure, girls are having kids outside of committed monogamous relationships out in the suburbs and in more rural areas as well but because the communities are much smaller compared to urban areas it is much less likely that one guy in a town of 20,000 is going to father 40+ kids in the same community.
And that is not to say that we should all move out to places where quotas are put in place so that no city can have more than 25,000 residence, but what I am saying is that we have gone long enough with this attitude that everyone is mature enough, intellectually and emotionally to make certain decisions for themselves without guidance.
Flat out, people are having children that they can’t take care of which leave society no choice but to take care of them. Either that or we go back to the days of Sparta and just leave children to die on a hill somewhere until the wolves come and get them. And in today’s day and age the wolves would be pedophiles who normally would be buying children from Russia via the internet would just wait on our hill for us to drop off a bus load of children that some 13 year old had that she can’t afford to take care of.
People we have tough choices to make in the coming years. How long can we continue to go on like this?
I don’t have to tell the Jesus freaks that telling people that they are going to hell for having premarital sex doesn’t work anymore, not in the age of science where people expect to see evidence with every claim you make.
You can’t tell people anymore that thunder comes from God playing bowling or that Rain comes from Angel’s crying.
Human behavior can never be totally controlled nor should we want to totally control it, but we can’t keep going on like this.
Jesus is not the answer. Meshing political and cultural authority into one articulate national leader and letting the state control all aspects of social life isn’t the answer.
Preaching “live and let live” is not the answer either, obviously. That is what has got us where we are at now.
Preaching personal responsibility isn’t the answer either if you aren’t training people how to make good decisions.
That’s my point.
If you agree with me, when do we begin?

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