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did Neanderthals and pre-historic humans get busy?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

I am completely addicted to Wikipedia.
I have probably learned more in the past 6 months from reading that site than I learned the whole time I was in college. I think it’s the hyperlinks. Whenever I come across a name, place or event that I know absolutely nothing about I click on the link and I learn something else new.
If only they had dictionaries like this when I was in elementary school.
What I have been trudging through lately are pages and pages about the huge debate going on in the scientific would about whether or not Neanderthals and modern humans share the same blood line.
Before I get into this I just want to say that it is so nice to again be talking about science in regards to evidence with having someone interjecting what the Bible says.
No one is saying that Adam was a homo sapien therefore Neanderthals must be Satan spawn.
No one is disputing that Neanderthal fossils aren’t really Neanderthal fossils but must really be gorilla bones, and a part of some liberal atheist conspiracy to discredit the Holy Bible, just like the whole notion of dinosaurs was created to do, since the Bible doesn’t mention anything about Neanderthals or dinosaurs.
It feels good.
Admittedly so far the DNA evidence that has been collected has shown conclusively that at least in the case of the four Neanderthals that they ran DNA tests on, Neanderthals are not linked to modern humans, but that doesn’t mean that later Neanderthals weren’t.
What I personally find difficult to believe is the single-origin hypothesis coming out of paleoanthropology that says that every species of the genus Homo but one, Homo sapiens, coincidentally went extinct except us.
I find the single-origin hypothesis particularly difficult to believe since a few of these hominoids seem to have disappeared shortly after coming into contact with homo sapiens.
Neanderthals for example, were not some primitive, intellectually slower version of humans. They were a well adapted, highly successful species of humans in their own right. They were just a lot uglier.
Neanderthals had been widely successful in their environments for several hundred thousand of years and then suddenly the disappear just out of the blue when modern humans came on the scene?
That doesn’t seem strange to you?
Cathy Willermet, of Arizona State University hypothesized that Neanderthals were just absorbed into modern humans through interbreeding with us. That over time, they lost their distinct physical traits as more and more of them became half-breeds.
What she offers as evidence for her theory is the fact that more recent discoveries of Neanderthal skeletons show conclusively that Neanderthal were starting to look more and more like modern humans before they disappeared.
Sure, original Neanderthals looked pretty bizarre with their huge faces and their protruding foreheads but over time they slowly were absorbed into modern man and when paleoanthropology DNA catches up to speed with Court TV, Willermet is confident that evidence will eventually prove this to be true.
I will tell you this much, if that is true, this doesn’t say much about homo sapiens taste in women, as I am pretty sure that I would not find women with a face like Ron Pearlman, muscles with Mike Tyson and long hair down to her but sexually attractive.
But then again, that might be more evidence to suggest that homo sapiens did either out populate or absorb all of the other hominoids into their group, including Homo floresiensis, which is particularly kinky since Homo floresiensis only stood about three feet tall tops.
Evidently hundreds of thousands of years of evolution were powerless to change one thing about homo sapiens, even back then homo sapiens were none too picky about who they would sleep with.
But honestly, I can’t see how anyone can seriously say that Neanderthals were not absorbed into modern humans.
It’s hard to deny looking at some NHL players, particularly the players that come out of the Siberia region that they don’t look an awful lot like those computer generated recreations of Neanderthals from the fossilized skulls that paleontologists have uncovered in Europe.
I offer Vladimir Konstantinov as exhibit A.
I know Vladimir Konstantinov is brain damaged and all, but that has nothing to do with that extra ridge of bone that he has protruding from his forehead shielding his eyes from the elements.
I am not a scientist but I figure that the relative isolation in this region of the world just allowed them to keep more Neanderthal characteristics longer than most. Fewer homo sapiens made it up that far to screw those boney ridged foreheads and sunken eyes of theirs.
That’s why most of the big headed Europeans are in places like Iceland and Greenland because despite what Hitler thought you, Europeans have intermixed with some many different people for so long that 99% of Europeans have pretty much have washed out most of the big headed Neanderthal traits.
Now if we can only get some of those isolated African tribes to start fucking other people so they can wash out some of those homo erectus traits.

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