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$4.44 A Gallon Before Americans Will Buy Hybrid Cars?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

This is the week of the World Famous Detroit Auto show and it was reported on the television that according to American Automaker’s figures, gasoline would have the get to $4.44 a gallon at the pump before Hybrid cars would actually become a product that American consumers would seriously consider buying.
I guess you all have a lot more money than I do.
When gasoline topped off over $3.00 a gallon this summer after hurricane Katrina credit card industry analysit reported that more Americans missed their credit card payments that month than had ever in American history and they were blaming it on people spend what would've been their credit card payments on fuel.
What that said to me was that people were having a hard time finding the extra 70 cents for a gallon of gas, what is going to happen when they have to find another whole 2 bucks?
What worries me is that we now have that figure that we were all waiting for. That number that would give us an indication as to how high gas prices will be allowed to go before the big three will get serious about finding alternative fuels or at least ways to conserve fuel and lessen our dependence on it.
People don’t seem to understand that when gas prices go up the price of everything goes up. The cost of bread goes up because they have to get the bread to the store somehow and currently they are using gasoline powered cars to do that.
Tourism gets hit because people aren’t going anywhere they can’t walk to.
I guess I am just shocked at that number. Maybe $4.44 just seems a lot to me because I was paying $1.10 a gallon when Clinton was in office and I remember I was complaining then.
I know that in Europe gas is like $11.00 a gallon and they still function, but Europe is different. People are living in cities that have been in existence since before the fall of Rome.
European villages, towns, and cities were originally built to accomodate horses and Brontosaurus before that.
America was built with the idea of abundance. We’re screwed. We stole so much land from the Native Americans we didn’t know what to do with it all, so when we built this place up, we did it with the idea that ideally we needed 90 acres of land in between every thing.
And to this day, if too many people move in somewhere there is a mass exodus to an even more remote place.
Well, all of that is going to be coming to a halt soon enough.
So much for living out in the sticks and driving into civilization every single morning to work and then back at night.
Either that or I really need to invest in high speed broadband companies and people who provide wireless access because going into work at some central location is going to be a thing of the past sooner than later.
Then again, maybe I was right initially when I said that you all have a lot more money than I do.
Obviously I wasn’t involved in that percentage of the population that participated in that survey.
I hope that isn’t a median number, which would mean that some people were higher than 4.44 before they would consider buying a Hybrid while half the people were lower.
I really hope that the auto industry is just lying to itself and came up with that number to buy them a little more time.
I am sure Japan and Korea are thinking the same thing as they have been making both more fuel efficient automobiles including Hybrids for a while now and are kicking the crap out of us.
Get ready for the Buy American campaigns of the 1980s to kick back into full swing here real soon.
You know the ones I am talking about. Buy American, forget about your pocket book, feel guilty about Americans losing their jobs and suck one up for the team.
I don’t think it is going to work this time because $4.00 a gallon gas is just too expensive for the average American to flip for in my opinion.
If GM, Ford and Chrysler don’t get over their man-crushes with the gas guzzling SUV they will never get their market share back.

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