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110 Dead In The Last 48 Hours In Iraq. Are Iraqis Really Better Off?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

If I were an Iraqi I too would be pissed at the United States.
I can’t see how an Iraqi couldn’t be.
Bush decided that he wanted Saddam Hussein out of power.
The Iraqi people knew that Saddam was an ass.
Everyone knows that Saddam was a despot. He was a street thug in a cheap suit. But under his regime there were rules in place and everyone pretty much you knew how to survive in Saddam’s Iraq.
Rule number one:
Look happy for television cameras,
Rule number two:
don’t complain too much
Rule number three:
avoid Udai and Qusai at any cost.
In this Saddam-less Iraq however, you have Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist blowing up people standing in line at police stations.
Today putting on a fake smile and holding up an I LOVE SADDAM poster for CNN and BBC cameras doesn’t seem so bad.
Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist are blowing up people at weddings, funerals, people praying at Mosques and applying for jobs at the local police precinct.
In just the last 48 hours suicide bombers targeted Shiite pilgrims in the south and police recruits in central Iraq, and a roadside bomb killed five U.S. soldiers, bringing Thursday's death toll to at least 110 people, Iraq and US forces combined.
If you are an Iraqi citizen, you didn’t have this crap going on under Saddam Hussein. You didn’t have to worry about random suicide bombers blowing you or your family to pieces at a super market or at your Mosque like you do now.
Saddam was a secularist who didn’t give a damn about Muhammadism. All he cared about were threats to his power and charismatic, half blind, one legged Islamic clerics calling for a Jihad were a threat.
That is why they didn’t exist in Iraq.
Saddam wasn’t your preferred choice but at least you knew the rules with him.
There are no rules with these terrorists.
Terrorists aren’t posting demands on some website warning you that failure to comply to their demands will result in blowing up the top seven floors of some hotel.
They are literally trying to destabilize their entire country turning Muslim against Muslim.

Today, putting on a fake smile and holding up an I LOVE SADDAM poster for CNN and BBC cameras doesn’t seem so bad.
While I am sure there were some people in Iraq, who immediately after Saddam was run out of power thought that this was going to be a good thing.
But where are they now? I doubt you will find many people in Iraq today that aren’t longing for the days when Al-Qaeda suicide bombers weren’t detonating themselves with vest stuffed with 18 pounds of explosives with small steel balls mixed in to maximize the damage on pedestrian filled Baghdad streets.
Just look at how Americans attitudes changed towards their own freedoms after 9-11. we didn’t even question Dubya’s motivations or even the necessity of eroding away our civil liberties to keep us safe.
No one asked, “Why does he need these powers after 9-11?” or “How did all of these presidents keep us safe before the Patriot Act?”
None of us even asked.
We decided that day that we would rather live with less civil rights if allowing the President to toss us in jail without charging us with a crime, listening in on our telephone conversations or auditing our bank accounts meant that Dubya would have the powers he needed to keep us safe from terror. Isn’t that true?
Well then why would it be so difficult to imagine the Iraqi people saying to themselves that they too would accept “safety” under those very same conditions, less freedom under Saddam Hussein in exchange for virtually no threat that an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber would blow them up at soccer practice, which is exactly what they had before we came along.
Terrorist attacks were virtually unheard of in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Look it up for yourself.
And the real kick in the teeth is that the Iraqi people know, that despite what we say, America will be out of Iraq long before any of these terrorist groups are brought under control.
As soon as it is politically advantageous to do so, we will claim that the Iraqi government is strong enough to govern itself, whether they actually are or not, pat ourselves on the back for letting freedom ring and we will be heading home we won’t look back.
And then the Iraqi people will have to ask themselves was it worth it?
110 people in less than 48 hours. Think there will be anyone planning any parades honoring their great liberator George W. Bush anytime soon in Baghdad?
What do you think?
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Source: String of Iraq Attacks Kills at Least 110, Associated Press, Jan 05, 2006

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