RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Kid makes 1 million off the internet in four months time
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

If you are like me there are a lot of things in life that you take for granted.
Like when someone told me that you have to work hard to get ahead, I believed them.
I don’t even remember who it was who actually shared with me that little piece of misinformation, but I am sure whoever it was meant well.
Someone told me too that if I ever want to make a lot of money, I needed to get a skill, something that someone will pay good money for.
Before you can make money you have to learn how to make someone else money.
All of these things are nice little pieces of wisdom but none of them came from anyone that actual has wealth.
At least not in my life.
So why do we think we need to work our asses off, be better at something than everyone else when all it takes is the expectation of success to bring success and wealth?
Yeah you heard me. All it really takes to have anything you want come true is just to expect it to come true.
I think one of the scariest things I ever realized was that the mystery of life is that most of us rarely get what we want, but we always get what we expect.
Fuck what Buddha said. The reason we suffer is because what we want and what we expect to get are often in mortal combat with one another.
If in the deep dark corners of your mind you are telling yourself that you wouldn’t be surprised if your girlfriend is cheating on you behind you back, she probably is or will.
That isn’t being psychic. At least I don’t think.
I think that is the cornerstone that life is built upon, giving you what you expect.
The trick is to synchronize what you want out of life with what you expect.
Don’t believe me?
Some kid from some small town in England has a webpage and started selling each pixel for $1.
Yep. Each pixel he sold for a single dollar.
How would he make money? Well that is simple, it takes about 100 pixels to make a single letter in the alphabet large enough for you to read it.
In four months he has sold 911,800 pixels. That’s right, he has made 1 million dollars in four months.
Still think it takes hard work, practice and determination to make wealth?
When I started out I was selling ad space on my site and feeling guilty about it. Getting $375 a month and worrying if advertisers were getting their monies worth. Wondering if my readers were actually checking out their sites and buying their product and who would’ve thought that there were people out there that would pay $45,000 for an Ad roughly the same size that they are getting on my site for $400 bucks.
And it isn’t even like this guy’s site was huge and he was just cashing in on years of hard work building up an audience.
The first 1,000 pixels his family bought from him. Translation: they basically gave him 1,000 bucks.
Then he issued a press release and from then it is like they say, the rest is history.
Too me this is deep because for one, I never would have even tried this because even if I had thought it up, I would’ve sworn that it wouldn’t have worked.
That would’ve been my expectation and guess what? It wouldn’t have worked.
I mean who has the money to toss at a website that no one even knows exists and then pay 1 dollar a pixel to put an advertisement up?
And secondly, who would do it even if you did think it would work?
See that would’ve been the catch for me. I would’ve thought that the only people who would pay for advertising by the pixel would be people who had no idea what a pixel actually is, and then when they found out they would sue you to get their money back.
So far neither has happened. And the checks haven’t bounced either.
Apparently people are fully aware of what a “pixel” is and they are cool with the idea of buying ad space by the pixel from this Alex Tew guy.
1 Million dollars worth in a little over 4 months.
Good for him.

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Source: Cash pours in for student with $1 million Web idea, Reuters, Thu Dec 29, 2005
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