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Should you support the US even if you don't support the us?

Today on the radio there were a pair of sports talk radio guys here in Detroit upset that Vancouver, Canadians booed the American Junior hockey team during the world junior hockey championship on Monday.
The American Junior hockey team easily defeated Norway 11-2 Monday night in their opening game at the world junior hockey championship and are picked to win the gold.
But the story wasn’t about the American Junior hockey team beating Norway, it was about how the American Junior hockey team were booed by the Canadian crowd from the moment these kids took to the ice throughout their 11-2 trouncing of Norway.
And these two radio guys who were upset that the American Junior hockey team were booed immediately jumped into the whole “where would Canada be without the US” and the old “they just suffer from little brother syndrome”, blah blah blah crap.
Vancouver, Canadians weren’t booing because of some little brother syndrome or because they are jealous that they aren’t a Super power.
They were booing for political reasons. We all know what those are. They have issue with President Bush, our Neo-Con/Religious Fundamentalist run government and they have issue with our participation in this bullshit war in Iraq.
Does it suck that they were booing a bunch of 15-17 year olds? Sure, but what do you expect is going to happen when you go to war with other countries and kill untold thousands of people on the advice of your vindictive Jesus freak senior advisor, chief political strategist, and or the team of Jesus freaks that consult the White House on how best to bring about Armageddon i.e. the return of Christ which they believe must begin with a war in the middle east.
Don’t look now but the world hates us as well, its not just Vancouver, Canada.
And although what we do and how we do things shouldn’t be a popularity contest, how long can you sit there and tell yourself that you are right and the world is wrong without asking your self how valid is that?

We fight terror like we are the only country in the world that doesn’t want to get blown to bits. We fight terror like we are the only country in the world that wants to live in a terror free world. That is ridiculous.
If this was a business and you were selling a soft drink how long could you sit there while everyone was telling you that your soda tasted like battery acid? How long could you afford to sit there and watch your product collect dust in warehouses before you reexamine the formula?
Or are you just going to sit there and keep telling yourself that it tastes good and that it’s just the rest of the world doesn’t know a good tasting soft drink when they taste one?
We fight terror like we are the only country in the world that doesn’t want to get blown to bits. We fight terror like we are the only country in the world that wants to live in a terror free world.
That is ridiculous. And Bush will tell you that we are the only country brave enough to do something about it. All the while all we have managed to do is bring terrorist to Iraq where there were none. We have done wonders for their recruiting of new terrorist and we have lost virtually any credibility that we had in the region after Bush went around for six weeks saying that America doesn’t torture people but he is against congress passing a law outlawing it.
Whose side are we on anyway?
And the even more typical than “every place on this earth that is free of tyranny is eternally indebted to the US” were the statements that they made that Canada should have supported us in this war, even supposing the intelligence that was the backbone of Dubya’s entire argument for going to war was bogus from the start.
In other words, Canada needed to be a sheep.
And the only people I know that argue that people need to be sheep are sheep.
Although Bush just admitted two weeks ago that his reasons for going to war were bogus had he bothered to listen to someone he would’ve known way back when.
The New York Times told him. The Washington Post told him. The Boston Globe told him. I know they did because those were just a few of the sources that I used from my commentary about how screwed up his intelligence was.
But my issue is with the idea that you (the rest of the world) need to support us whether or not you agree with the war.
I would argue that people who think along those lines really don’t have a clue what it means to be a person of principle.
Would it have also been the right thing to do to kill Jews just because Hitler was your leader and that is what he would’ve wanted?
Are you telling me that it is always the right thing to do to abandon your own moral compass to support your president and his government and whatever ass backwards decisions he decides to make for whatever logic he decides to follow?
Do you rob a bank because your friends ask you to because you need to show them that you support them? Is that the value here?
Showing loyalty to your principles or to people? Which is the higher value here?
That’s one reason people get so screwed up. They show loyalty to the people not to ideals.
Martin Luther King wants to end racial discrimination I am with him. He wants me to keep my mouth shut and look the other way when he is out fucking on his wife in every town we stop at in the south I am going to have issue with that.
I am not loyal to Martin Luther King. I am loyal to the ideal. If for some reason I decided to keep my mouth shut it wouldn’t be because I was loyal to him, it would’ve been because if it got out that he was an adulterer it could’ve ruined his credibility and therefore ruined the movement. As a preacher, a man of God you’re not supposed to be bedding married church women.
I know it happens all the time. Church is the most scandalous and hypocritical place anyone can be on a Sunday. Church is to sinners what a hospital is to the sick. Go to church at your own risk and hope to God you don’t catch something and bring it home.
So you out Martin Luther King and tell everyone about his infidelities, his political enemies use that to then discredit him.
How long do you think it would take for people to make that jump from, “since Martin Luther King is scandalous the movement to end racial discrimination in America must be worthless as well?
Which would be the bigger regret to live with, that you derailed ending racial discrimination in the United States for another 25 years or more or outing this guy as just another man in a bad marriage with a good intentions but thinks with his dick?
Of course Elijah Muhammad wanted Malcolm X to show his loyalty to him not to what they were preaching to the people.
Leaders seduce you with their ideals but ultimately they want you to be loyal to them. Ideals don’t change. Ideals don’t get corrupted. People do.
Healing the sick. Feeding the hungry. Housing the homeless. Improving education for children. Those are the ideals. Those don’t change.
How can you get angry at Canada for not going to war with us, especially now when it is so clear that old dumb bucket and his side kick Turd Blossom were dead set on going to war with Iraq regardless if there was a cause or not.
It was a distraction people. Where is Osama Bin Laden? Where is he? He is responsible for 9-11 not Iraq, not the Iraqi people, not even Saddam Hussein.
Why do you have to read that on a website? Why aren’t you hearing that on national television news coverage? You don’t think ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX aren’t asking the same questions.
Well maybe not FOX. But they aren’t asking them on air because they don’t want you thinking about that?
Bush still hasn’t captured the actual mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor but he has managed to get you off that little detail and on the radio arguing about who did or didn’t support America when we went on a bogus crusade against who we knew we could catch to distract you away from paying attention to the devil we couldn’t, haven’t and apparently can’t capture.
What kind of man abandons his values to get in tune with everyone else?
Would you respect a Cambodian that told you that he supported Pol Pot killing the 25% of the population of Cambodia in just 24 months because he felt he needed to support his country regardless if it was going against his little internal moral gauge?
Would you respect him?
I can’t answer that for you. You ask yourself that question. Would you respect that guy?
I wouldn’t.
Source: 1270 AM WXYT The Big Show, December 28, 2005
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