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Americans still have no clue what Nigga(er) means. Maybe Sports will save us

A good friend of mine is a middle school teacher and I remember not too long ago her telling me about how she was put in a position where she had to explain to some of her students why it wasn’t racist of one of her students named Miguel, to say that he likes Mexican professional boxers.
Miguel is Mexican. The students that were accusing Miguel of being a racist hapened to be white and were working from the opinion that any acknowledgement of someone’s race, under any circumstances is, in fact, racist.
Why isn’t that racist?
Well for starters because Mexican isn’t a race. It is a nationality.
A better question could be, is it racist to think of Mexicans as a race?
No, it’s just ignorant.
That story reminded me of another time when there were racial problems in her school when a white student called one of the 5 black students that are in her entire school district a nigger.
Once of her students said to her during the class period that his father had told him that Nigger means a stupid or lazy person, it says so in the dictionary. He didn’t understand why everyone was getting so upset.

Personally, I use the word Nigga, but I never use it in a flattering way. I never refer to my friends as “my Niggas” unless of course for laughs we are imitating actual Niggas.
This was what she calls an educational moment. Apparently within the teaching ranks this is a time when you can actually take a real life event that is happening right now and teach the kids something that they can apply today.
Well there were no dictionaries in the middle school that had the word Nigger in it so she had them gather around her PC and went online and looked the word up.
They were all pretty amazed, especially the kid whose father had told him that it meant a “stupid or lazy person” that it doesn’t.
If there is a dictionary out there that does say that Nigger means a stupid or lazy person I would like to see it.
I watched a tribute to Richard Pryor on Comedy Central on thanksgiving night where all of these black comedians and entertainers were on this show talking about how proud they are to be Niggas.
That’s Nigga with an “A” not nigger with an “er”. Apparently they still hate to be called Niggers although from where I am sitting, this is like that song Why Don’t We Call The Whole Thing Off where Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong are arguing that since they don’t pronounce Tomato, Potato, Pajamas or Sarsaparilla the same way, what chance would their marriage have? I mean, let’s be realistic.
What I want to know is how are you going to allow an accent or a mispronunciation of a negative racial epitaph become a term of endearment for you?
Comedian Eddie Griffith said that the dictionary cites that Nigger means a stupid person, like the dictionary fails to mention that it is also a term specifically used towards non-white people, or more specifically black people. How did he miss that part? In every dictionary I have ever read the word Nigger is always listed as Offensive slang; Used as a disparaging term for a Black person.
Now I can’t speak for the remedial dictionary trying to save space for the "big words" but that is what my dictionary says it means.
Personally, I use the word Nigga, but I never use it in a flattering way. I never refer to my friends as “my Niggas” unless of course for laughs we are imitating actual Niggas.
Ice T once said, “Everyone is a Nigga to a Nigga.” I guess that’s true.
Well I never use the word Nigga to refer to anyone that isn’t a Black American.
My use of the word Nigga is completely conditional in that sense.
Anytime I ever call someone a Nigga, 99% of the time I am pissed off and I am using the word Nigga to emphasize a difference between whomever I am calling a Nigga and me. And I always use it in the negative way that it is intended to be taken.
Examples would be when someone is talking in a movie theater while the movie is playing. I will refer to the guys talking as “those Niggas in the back that won’t shut up.” When I meet a black guy that is 35 years old who goes to the corner liquor store to cash his paychecks pays a 10% process charge because he doesn’t trust banks. No doubt the word Nigga will be used referring to that guy at some point. Whenever I am watching television and I hear some guy proudly talking about how they have several kids from several different women, none of whom they ever married I will also use the word Nigga to refer to him too.
I think it’s shameful that black people go on television and say that Nigger just means stupid person, like they got that out of the dictionary, but fail to mention that it is also a term that is specifically used to describe non-whites.
So if we can be even more specific, Nigger is a word to describe stupid non-whites.
That means that there is an inherent racial component to this word because it specifically states who it isn’t appropriate to use it towards, in this case white people.
Your mother could call you a “shit head” growing up so much that before long that is the only word she ever uses to refer to you. She can call you a “shit head” when she is proud of you, angry or disappointed with you, but it still doesn’t change the fact that a “shit head” is still a “shit head”.
All of this got me thinking, do people really know what being a racist means? I mean, even when we call people racist, do we have a working definition that we can all agree with or is the term defined not by who is a racist or what makes someone a racist but by who we have excluded or who we make exceptions for?
Maybe this is the answer I was looking for?
I asked a co-worker today, why does it seem like the sports media thinks that it is so adorable whenever Chad Johnson does some kind of end zone celebration every time he scores a touchdown, when that same sports media were acting like end zone celebrates were destroying the sport whenever Terrell Owens did something obnoxious after scoring a touchdown? I mean, isn’t it a bit hypocritical of us to point the finger of disapproval at one guy from doing the same thing that we are praising some other guy for doing?
His answer?
”Sure, technically it is hypocritical, but human beings are hypocritical creatures,” he said. “We don’t like TO. We like Chad Johnson. Its that simple”
So I asked, “When people were all up in arms about TO’s touchdown antics ruining the sport, that really wasn’t the point. They just didn’t like TO? If that was the case, why didn’t they just say, “We just don’t like TO”? Why make it out to be about his end zone dances and him not being respectful to his opponent’s feelings?”
He then goes on to explain to me that if OJ wasn’t such a beloved celebrity before he killed Nicole he would be in prison right now. Then he went on to list all of the other celebrities in society that could get away with murder because of their popularity, Oprah Winfrey was at the top of his list.
”Sure, technically it is hypocritical, but human beings are hypocritical creatures.”
I think that is as close to an answer to all of this as we are going to get.
When people don’t like what you are saying you are a racist. When they don’t agree with what you’re saying you are a racist.
When people do agree with what you are saying, you’re telling the truth. When they don’t like who you’re criticizing you should be applauded for having the courage to speak your mind.
I give up.
Source: tribute to richard pryor, comedy central
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