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mlb pitcher implicated in immolation case

When I first heard of current Philadelphia Phillies and former Detroit Tiger's picture Ugueth Urbina’s attempted murder case, I admit the first thing I thought of was, “which white girl got it now?”
Ever since OJ, white women romantically involved with professional athletes, celebrities or public officials have found themselves in the middle of more drama than gets stirred up from a 50 Cent interview.
Berretta blew his wife’s head off. Phil Specter shot some B movie actress in his driveway. They still haven’t found that Congressman from California’s girlfriend have they?
Then I heard what happened.
There wasn't a white woman in this story.
Allegedly Urbina comes home to his ranch to find five workers bathing in one of his pools.
He got pissed, cursed them out and left.
The next thing that happens has two sides of the story, like everything, but one version of the events is that a group of men were attacked the five workers that were bathing in his pool with machetes. They then had gasoline poured on them an attempt was made to burn them alive.
Allegedly Urbina was part of the group with the machetes and the cans of gasoline.
That is the alleged part.
The part that isn’t alleged is that all five men who were bathing in the pool were wounded from machetes and one had burns on his back and right arm.
Urbina says he was asleep at the time and had nothing to do with it.
Wink. Wink.
Two years ago Urbina’s mother was kidnapped by Venezuelan and Colombian drug traffickers and taken up into the mountains and held for five months for six million dollars in ransom.
Shit is real in Urbina’s life, Jack.
Urbina doesn’t have normal problems associated with professional athletes like getting into a heated argument with his white wife Becky going outside and tossing a flower pot threw the windshield of her 80,000 sports car parked in the driveway.
Man, what wouldn’t he do for a problem like that?
One of the guys that was getting hacked to pieces fingered Urbina as one of the men doing the hacking.
He should know I guess.
"Everything will be cleared up soon and people will know the truth," Urbina said from his cell at a police station.

Source: Urbina Arrested in Attempted Murder Case, Associated Press, November 8, 2005
same difference

mara salvatrucha: hands down, america's most dangerous gang
Because of the unique happenstance surrounding how they formed the Mara Salvatrucha they almost immediately had access to weapons that pretty much make them as well armed as some branches of the military.

America Continues To Hold Its Claim As The Most Violent Civilized Place On Earth.
Civilized only in the sense that the majority of our lives are spent seeking entertainment rather than competing for food and shelter with the same animals that now end up on our plates.