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Jackson Caught In Drag In Middle Eastern Women’s Bathroom

Joe Jackson says that his son Michael Jackson may not ever live in the U.S. again.
As soon as his pederast trial was over in Los Angeles, the Prince of Bahrain invited Michael to come to Brahrain as his personal guest.
His father says Mike isn’t coming back.
Mike was out of the country so fast after his trial ended that you would’ve thought he was skipping out on bail.
A Bahrain official speaking on condition of anonymity said the most famous alleged pederast since William S. Burroughs was a guest of Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the king’s son, in one of the royal palaces and has been since he split after the trial.
Now why a guy would invite an accused pedophile to his country as his personal guest, your guess is as good as mine.
One reason could be because Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa is a big fan of his music.
That’s one guess.
Maybe the Sheik agrees with Mike that it really is innocent that a 45-year-old ghoul plays television tag and shares his bed with prepubescent boys.
Then again there could be another reason.
Michael Jackson was recently caught dressed up like a woman in Islamic traditional dress in a woman’s bathroom in Dubai.
The Khaleej Times reported that Mike was touching up his makeup in a shopping mall women's bathroom when a real woman, "screamed in shock and ran out" when she saw that he was a real man.
Although the police are officially saying that Mike just went into the woman’s bathroom by mistake he was wearing a “Sheila”, which is traditional women’s headwear in the region.
So how accidental is it that you go out dress up like a woman and then get caught in the women’s bathroom?
See I am not surprised the police are covering for him.
Bahrain is ruled by a monarchy.
And Mike is considered a 'very, very private' visit as guest of king's son.
When you are a guest of the prince in an absolute monarchy its pretty safe to say you can do whatever you want.
That’s a license to kill, dress like a woman, or have sleepovers with twelve year olds, whatever floats your boat.
Ok, I really do feel dirty now.
The reason I feel dirty is because that is what pedophiles tend to do.
They flee countries they feel oppress them and run off to these backwater places away from the scrutiny of those of us that “don’t understand their love”.
I’m not saying that Mike moved to Bahrain so he could have his way with little boys with impunity, but moving there seems kinda drastic for a guy that could live a worry free life in any first world country on the planet on the condition that he just stop sharing his bed with prepubescent boys.
I mean, how hard is that?
I heard his lawyer say that he wasn’t going to share his bed with children anymore but I don’t think any of us heard that promise come out of his mouth, did we?
And it doesn’t help that he is working on a come back single with another accused pederast R. Kelly.
I mean, out of all of the people in the music business how did these two hook up?

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