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"Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss to Open Stud Farm in Nevada

Ever heard of the saying “well it looked good on paper”?
Well this is a classic example of it.
Heidi Fleiss wants to open up a brothel in Nevada called the Cherry Patch Ranch but she wants it to be staffed by male prostitutes.
"I am opening up a stud farm," Fleiss declared from her Hollywood home overlooking the Sunset Strip. "I am going to have the sexiest men on earth. Women are going to love it."
Heidi just can’t get out of the pimping business can she? I guess once a pimp always a pimp?
Ice T once said that Pimping ain’t easy but I don’t see it? It can’t be that hard, you getting paid for nothing while everyone else literally does all the work.
The biggest responsibility you have if you are a street pimp is making sure that you’re making your world famous “whore for me and I will take you away from all of this” sales pitches to actual runaways at the bus station and not some young looking 21 Jump Street cop.
That’s about it. If you can find someone stupid enough to give you 100% of the money after they do 100% of the work, I am not going to give you propers for exploiting the mildly retarded.
That’s shameless. There is nothing about pimping to be proud of.
Yeah, a stud farm looks good on paper, but unlike women who to sleep with a man-beast requires little more than spreading their knees, how in the hell is Heidi, or any woman for that matter going to find guys that are actually decent looking to be able to stomach performing on the clientele that would frequent a place like that?
If anything, it is going to be a haven for gay male prostitutes not heterosexual women. Are you kidding me?
I don’t know a single guy that is that horny that he would bang literally anyone.
And even if you do know a guy that will bang any woman, regardless of what she looks like, you will always run in to the problem of dealing with what he looks like.
Guys like George Clooney don’t screw women like those wives on ABC’s Wife Swap. And the women on Wife Swap are exactly the kind of clientele you are looking at attracting at a Nevada Stud Farm.
Guys that look like Steve Buscemi don’t have a problem screwing women like those on ABC’s Wife Swap but women like Heidi Fleiss can’t make money off Steve Buscemi.
Hence the dilemma.
But Heidi might have a few roadblocks in front of her before she even gets to the point where she is trying to sell a night of torrid animal lust with Steve Buscemi to overweight middle-aged housewives who believe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, because she is a convicted felon after all.
Remember, in 1995 Heidi was convicted of pimping models-turned-prostitutes for $10,000 a night.
Apparently there is a pimping licensing board in Nevada standing in her way who insist that their pimps to be honest, moral, upstanding citizens, or at the very least, not be convicted felons before they open up a whorehouse in their fine community.

Source: Fleiss plans makeover for Nevada brothel, Associated Press, Thursday, November 17, 2005
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