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kwame kilpatrick and george bush are lessons learned?

Kwame Kilpatrick and George Bush what do they have in common?
In my opinion, what they have in common is that they were both managed to get reelected despite a scandal/controversy plagued first four years, evidence of gross incompetence and a record of dishonesty, underhandedness and hidden agendas and, at least in Kwame’s case a budget deficit which threatens to land the city of Detroit in financial receivership.
Here is a guy voted one of the four worst Mayors in America by TIME magazine for crying out loud.
Likewise, George Bush who now has the lowest job approval rating since Lyndon Johnson and falling and is getting close to going down as one of the most unpopular presidents in American history.
Both had integrity issues going into their campaigns but over came them.
Kwame ran a reelection campaign asking voters' to forgive him for lying about his spending, his use of city credit cards for expensive out-of-town travels and a city lease of a luxury SUV for his wife and claimed that the media was out to get him.
But the question is, why didn’t it all matter in the end?
Is there anything else these two have in common besides winning reelection despite their first terms being the best argument anyone could make against them being qualified for a second?
I believe so.
What they also both had in common was a ravenous; no holds barred media psuh going against them that I believe was so relentless that it actually created what I like to call the “underdog” factor that worked in their favor.
People were so successful in making George Bush look like the idiot that he is, that it started to work for him not against him.
The more websites that came out about his Bushisms the more people started to feel bad for the guy.
People started thinking that it was down right mean to keep pounding that on him like that and he started to become a sympathetic figure.
Instead of voting for him, they were voting against the meanies that wouldn’t give the guy a break.
I think the same thing happened for Mr. Hip-Hop Kwame Kilpatrick. I think the local media got on this guy so hard, all of which for justifiable reasons, that he became a sympathetic figure and people wanted to give him another chance.
We need to take a lesson from this.
This isn’t a Democrat/Republican issue either because Kilpatrick is a Democrat and Bush is just an ass.
This is a “why are we electing obvious losers” issue.
And just like Dubya who is sitting in office with 60% of Americans strongly disapproving of his job performance, Kwame will eventually get exposed as well, but what can voters do about it then? What can voters do about it now?
If you ask me, which you didn’t, this underdog phenomenon is happening because of the mistake we are making encouraging people to get out to vote, but not encouraging people to educate themselves so that they are making informed decisions when they do get out to vote.
I have heard people saying things in the media like, “I don’t care if you don’t even know what is on the ballot, it is your obligation in a free society to participate in the election process.”
What kind of crap advice is that?
If you truly understand how great it is to have the opportunity to be able to participate in your own government by voting, then you also understand that you have an obligation to make informed decisions when you get to the polls.
You vote based on the facts as you know them to be, and you make an educated decision based on that.
Encouraging people to vote, but conveniently leaving out the education part of the equation is asking people to vote on emotion because that is all they have to go on.
Those voters are very much susceptible to images like men cleaning up rubble on 9/11 in commercials, shaking hands with Louis Farrakhan, or lines of bullshit like “I am your son, you raised me Detroit” and “I am just a simple guy from Crawford, Texas who likes to work on my ranch”.
These emotion based voters cast ballots on things like “who looks more presidential” and “how can I stick it to the man”.
I would rather have a low turn out of educated voters, familiar with the issues and what they are voting on, than eleventybillion people turning out at the polls so that they can vote for the guy that looks like he would win in a fight anyday.

Source: Turnaround Leads Mayor to a Surprising Victory, NYtimes, November 10, 2005
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