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louis farrakhan says government conspiracy flooded new orleans

Louis Farrakhan says that the U.S. government intentionally flooded New Orleans in the middle of a category 5 hurricane so that they could have a reason to literally wash the predominately poor black community out of New Orleans.
Citing a conversation he had during a meeting with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Farrakhan was told that there was a 25 foot crater underneath the levee and that some unnamed diver from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers saw the burn marks and “knew immediately what caused them”.
Well if what Louis Farrakhan says is right, of course the diver knew what caused these suspicious holes, in fact, why even call them suspicious, the U.S. Army blew them up themselves, right?
They blew them up in the middle of the hurricane when no one was looking because they were too busy drowning.

"He didn't say there was a bomb. He just said there was a crater."
Farrakhan then added: "I say they blew it [up]."
Then to make it worse, Spike Lee is on Bill Maher’s HBO show and he is supporting these allegations, basically on the word of Louis Farrakhan and the fact that the U.S. government enslaved Africans and participated in the Tuskegee experiment which they purposely injected unsuspecting blacks with syphilis and denied them treatment to document the horrific effects of the diseases if left untreated.
So basically the logic is this. Since the U.S. government, or more specifically, white people have done deplorable things to blacks, they are automatically guilty until proven innocent of whatever we charge them with in the future regardless if we have any proof or not?
Louis Farrakhan himself admits that Mayor Nagin didn’t tell him that the levees were bombed.
"He didn't say there was a bomb. He just said there was a crater."
Farrakhan then added: "I say they blew it [up]."
You know, I have always wondered how Farrakhan comes up with this stuff. Somehow I seriously doubt he has a narc inside of the Pentagon fueling his seemingly unceasing reservoir of conspiracy theories involving the U.S. government.
But then again, this is coming from a man who believes that there is a UFO circling the earth with Elijah Muhammad on it, piloted by perfect Black people waiting on the day to destroy white people from fantastic futuristic weapons fired down upon them from space, so he is familiar with believing things that are thin in the way of evidence.
Maybe the U.S. government did launch missiles at the levees during the middle of the hurricane, but you’d better believe that if that was even remotely possible all of these insurance agencies that are looking at billions of dollars in payouts would be all over something like this because it was absolve them of paying out a single red cent.
However, I don’t see the insurance companies sending in their teams of investigators to see this mysterious crater beneath the levee along with all of these burn marks for themselves. If anyone has a reason to find this evidence it would be them wouldn’t it?
One mysteriously charred brick and that would mean billions, not millions of dollars that they could legally refuse to pay out.
Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they burned a few bricks and tossed them into that hole themselves.
But that is the problem. Louis Farrakhan says things like this, and he himself hasn’t seen the hole as far as I know.
He is going on the word of Nagin who also said that 10,000 people in his city died during the three days after Katrina.
He is going on the word of Nagin who said that the Superdome had been reduced to an animalistic state, that gang members were murdering and raping people left and right and NONE of it was true.
So maybe Nagin has a bit of a flare for the dramatic.
If so, teaming him up with Farrakhan there is no telling what kind of racially charged over exaggerated conspiracy filled X-file script they will come up with.
Farrakhan will bring the extraterrestrials and Nagin will exaggerate everything else.
Source: Mayor Nagin in Secret Sitdown with Farrakhan Newsmax.com, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005
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