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Nigerian E-mail Scammers Speak: I Will Eat Your Dollars

Nigerians use computers in an Internet cafe in Lagos. Scams known as 419 — for the statute outlawing them — promise the victims riches and romance. “When you get a reply, it’s 70% sure that you’ll get the money,” a former scammer says.Without a doubt that is the stereotype out there that middle class white Americans are gullible.
Not middle class Americans, but middle class white Americans.
We are talking stereotypes here, but the stereotype is that middle class white Americans are susceptible to fast talking salesmen, get rich schemes.
And why?
Because the stereotype is that middle class white Americans are greedy.
In fact, thousands of Nigerians bank on it, and they are getting paid doing it.
Personally, I get about a million “my corrupt former banker uncle in Nigeria is trying to smuggle 20 million out of the country and we need access to your bank account to get it out of the country undetected, will you help me?” e-mails a day.
We all do. I can’t be the only one.
I don’t even read them. I delete them as soon as I see its from someone with three or more consonants back to back in their last name.
I recognize the template. I have my e-mail set with the view window option so I see what they look like as I am deleting them.
That’s how I can tell what they are.

The U.S. Secret Service estimates that Nigerian 419 crimes and schemes like them get people for hundreds of millions of dollars every single year, with the victims justifiably too embarrassed or afraid to say anything about it.
I am never surprised when I read about how some people get caught up into these schemes and end up losing thousands of dollars, or even when people get pissed off enough that they actually fly to Nigeria or Kenya to confront these thieves and end up turning up missing and never seen or heard from again.
I am never surprised that they are always white, middle class Americans.
I know its a stereotype but I am never surprised.
Just like when Louis Farakhan says something stupid like the American government planted bombs on the New Orelans levees to purposely flood the black areas of the city so that they could drive the black people out, I am not surprised.
Sure I expect to hear that he has said something unsubstantiated, without any evidence to back up his claim and that his people will eat it up and whthere or not it is a stereotype of NOI members Mr. Smile and Bowtie never disaapoints.
Nigerian Scammers, Samuel, an Nigerian scammer who isn’t stupid and knows that if his surname ever got published in a paper someone would kill him said, "have the belief that white men are stupid and greedy. They say the American guy has a good life. There's this belief that for every dollar they lose, the American government will pay them back in some way."
Samuel, who claims he is out of “the game” now says that he scammed thousands out of stupid Americans sending out thousands of those annoying e-mails asking you to send him money for everything from smuggling money out of the country from some corrupt Nigerian official to claiming money because you were the last living relative from some African that you’ve never of before in your life.
See that is a dangerous combination to be both gullible and greedy, and Americans are definitely greedy.
In Nigeria people have been known to actually paint, “this house is not for sale” across the front of their houses because otherwise people will put it on the market, unbeknownst to the people actually living there and sell it to an unsuspecting buyer.
People are scandalous. And apparently, in Nigeria no one feels bad for doing it or even for the victims because being naive is being weak and being weak is your problem.
There is even a popular song on the radio about what they are doing that has become sort of an anthem for them, the lyric goes a little something like this,
"419 is just a game, you are the losers, we are the winners.
White people are greedy, I can say they are greedy
White men, I will eat your dollars, will take your money and disappear.
419 is just a game, we are the masters, you are the losers."
Nigeria is apparently taking 419 crimes seriously because “they hurt their countries reputation in eyes of the world”.
No shit.
The U.S. Secret Service estimates that Nigerian 419 crimes and schemes like them get people for hundreds of millions of dollars every single year, with the victims justifiably too embarrassed or afraid to say anything about it.
Afraid? Why would they be afraid??
Well apparently, if you try to back out of a deal its not uncommon for these guys to tell you that they are watching you, that you are already too deep into this and that you will be prosecuted by a Nigerian Court system, one of the most corrupt in the world. They even threaten to kill you, by the same people that they claim are watching you.
It’s pathetic.
See where your greed gets you? An ulcer, as you are being threatened by a 16 year old in a cyber café in Nigeria who has been trying to launder money for him into your bank account from his now jailed corrupt uncle in the Nigerian government.
That’s what you get.
Use your common sense. If you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from an African, you know its bullshit.
Source: I Will Eat Your Dollars, Los Angeles Times, October 20, 2005
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