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Guantanamo Abuse, Safe, Secure And Humane

Lebanese prisoner Abdel Aziz Khodr screams to his family upon his arrival at Beirut airport January 19, 2004. Four Lebanese prisoners arrived by Red Cross chartered plane after being released by U.S. forces in Iraq.So you say that you spent some time at Guantanamo Bay Cuba’s Camp X-Ray?
Well sucks to be you.
There is a natural credibility gap between society, the media and politics. We are so use to getting lied to about everything that we are to the point where we believe nothing.
So few people, if anyone, just levels with us about what is actually going on that it has spawned entire careers for certain radio/television personalities which seem almost necessary in today’s day-n-age to tell us what is really being said in-between the lines of some of this stuff.
Half of America wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the white house called a press conference for tomorrow morning to tell us that this whole weapons of mass destruction thing was just a ruse the whole time to find someone else to get our foreign oil from in the event that the Saudi royal family were over thrown by their own homegrown Saudi Islamic extremist factions.
Bill Clinton looks us right in the eye, tells us that he doesn’t even know who Monica Lewinsky is, and insists that he didn’t have sexual relations with her and then is on our television three months later admitting to everything and saying he is sorry.
This is how the military finds itself in the middle of all of these messy places because the military does some hardcore shit.
That is what they are there for. They are not there to build levees and guard stretches of highway in the middle of nowhere, I mean they can do that stuff if they need to, but if we want to get our monies worth we need to have them out there kicking the shit out of people.

"So you say that you spent some time at Guantanamo Bay Cuba’s Camp X-Ray? Well sucks to be you."
It came before the US Senate that Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay made the Saudi national, Mohamed al-Qahtani better known as the “20th hijacker” in the September 11th attacks wear a bra, and made to slow dance in that bra with a male interrogator, threatened with vicious a dog, called a homosexual, endure his mother and his sister being called whores.
All of this was deemed acceptable treatment by both the military as well as the Senate armed services committee.
All of these tactics were authorized by the Pentagon and although Lieutenant General Randall Schmidt, who headed the investigation into prisoner abuse at the camp said that,
"As the bottom line, though, we found no torture. Detention and interrogation operations were safe, secure and humane."
He never said who they were safe, secure and humane to.
The guy running the facility was recommended to punish the prison’s commander but he refused to saying that Major General Gen Craddock didn’t do anything that violated any US law or policy, so there.
Source: Guantanamo abuse 'allowable', Guardian, Thursday July 14, 2005
same difference

U.S. faces 'World War IV. "Our response should be, 'good!'" Woolsey said.
If the militaries only job was to defend our freedom they would have whomever wrote the "Patriot Act" parts one and two and every member of Congress that voted for that bill in Guantanamo Bay right now with a bag over his head eating a fried baloney sandwich in a cell somewhere.

us soldier has panic attack almost did 6 months in prison for it
I am sorry; I thought you were supposed to have a panic attack after seeing someone get mowed in half.